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Unity mayor provides update on construction projects

Highway 21 re-routing is currently underway and the NWT rail port construction and 1st Avenue roadwork will soon begin.

UNITY — It is construction season in Unity. One project is in progress while the other two will begin soon, all involving road work.

Mayor Sharon Del Frari says, “Highway 21 re-route is moving along well. Rain tends to set back any construction, but Highways have a completion date of October.”

As a result of the current Highway 21 construction project, all entrances to Unity will change. The north end entrance will line up around 7th Avenue East. To the south, there will be no straight access off of 1st Avenue. From 1st Avenue, travellers will take an access road curving around to meet Highway 21, then head south or north from there, according to Del Frari.

“Once the project is finished, the town will set up proper signage for museum access down seventh and up around the regional park. There will also be direct access for the North West Terminal off Highway 21. “

In other construction news, the North West Terminal recently announced significant expansion plans. The mayor adds, “The Highway 21 re-route will keep the heaviest traffic off our thin membrane roads.”

“As of July 8, I do not have a start date for 1st Avenue but will announce once we do. The tender has been awarded to ASL.”

With all of the construction work going on in and around the community, the mayor notes the extra activity brings a boost to the local economy.

“The crews will keep our hotels, restaurants and businesses busy. Thank you to Subway, A&W and our local bakery for offering early breakfast options. “

On another topic, the mayor says they are working on succession planning with administrative staff which may involve some economic development duties.

“We will not be posting for an EDO at this time. We do however plan to post for a public works director by fall. Also, there will be a posting for the supervisor of parks and recreation. When these postings can be filled from within, it is a testament to the dedication of our staff.”