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First Avenue project coming to an end

Monthly mayor's report introduces new bylaw officer and plans for the future.

UNITY — It’s been a busy time for our contractors and staff, Progress is moving forward with First Avenue West. Some paving may have to wait until next year but they plan to have the utility work completed. Thanks to the community for your patience with the parking lot fix. We realize it’s been a challenge. By the time you read this, the work should be close to completion. 

The curling rink is safe to use, and the engineers have assured us the roof can handle snow loads. Staff is working on the chiller, compressors and valves to ensure an uninterrupted season. We will have to budget for new compressors, one next summer and one the year after. Thanks to our staff for picking up on issues as well as for ideas to improve the work area.

Our new bylaw officer is Brayden Voll. Please remember all dogs and cats must be licensed through the town office. It’s a one-time licence for the life of your pet. Fines for not licensing your pets will be substantial. Also, no pet is to be loose within town limits. If you have cats that are used to being out, I recommend you have someone build you a catio. There is one on the west side of KC Rescue for example. You could have your own version built for your cats. Brayden will be enforcing compliance as of Nov. 1. Reach out to any councillor or myself if you have questions. 

Council will be working on a priorities paper. We hope to put clear guidelines down for staff and future councils to have at a glance. Management efficiently works their budgets with the day-to-day tasks completed throughout the year. It is council’s responsibility to plan for capital improvements. 

For instance, the curling rink fix was not expected or budgeted for.

Planning for the future will require setting aside financing to upgrade waterlines from the town wells to the plant and from the plant into town. These are well past their best-before date. There are also two areas where we still have old cast iron water pipes. The majority of the town has been done with new PVC waterlines. Most of the sewer lines are the old cast. These we plan to replace as streets need to be repaired. It’s an expensive undertaking.

We also need to think about a new town office. The Downtown Medical Clinic, Wheatland Library and Unity Dental Clinic could use more room than what we have available for them. The fire hall is undersized for the equipment needed, as is the town shop. Planning for a new arena complex will be required eventually. Council will be updating our official community plan to ensure it is relevant for the future. 

We are so grateful for the support of our community groups for contributing to the continued upgrading of all recreation

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