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Helipad coming to Kerrobert to help with STARS landings

Kerrobert senior mens' team loses in the new Cross Roads Hockey League.
Mayor Wayne Mock brings exciting news from Kerrobert.

KERROBERT — Greetings. It has been a while since I have posted any happenings from our community. I hope everyone made it through the last winter blast unscathed. Boy oh boy, did Old Man Winter have an issue with all of this talk about spring. He was not having it. He blanketed the west central region with snow being blown in with high-speed winds. It has been several years since we had a snow accumulation of this magnitude, especially at this time of the year. This was one storm where my snowblower even tapped out and quit working, so additional help was needed, and additional help we got. The town crews had our equipment out and were doing what they could, but extra help was needed to help dig us all out and clear some paths to be able to get around town. Several snow-clearing machines such as tractors and skid steers were all over town digging out residents’ driveways and places of business. The community appreciated the help from our town crews and everyone who had equipment to bring out and help with the clean up and hauling of the snow. 

The first season of the newly formed CRHL senior men’s hockey league, which consists of four teams including Kerrobert, Kindersley, Eatonia and Dodsland, wrapped up on March 15. Dodsland defeated the Kerrobert Tigers in game 4 of the best-of-five finals, thus clinching the very first championship. Congratulations to Dodsland on winning the championship. It was a hard-fought series to cap off an exciting year of senior men's hockey. The U18 KDL Rage (Kerrobert / Dodsland / Luseland ) are playing in the semifinal round against Macklin in the HI-WAY 14 U18 League playoffs. Our local girls with the U15 Western Prairie Thunderbolts are also forging ahead in the north final against the Warman Wildcats. Great hockey is still happening, and we wish the teams the best of luck in the playoffs.

There are more happenings such as our new helipad beside our hospital, which finally got the green light for use. Be sure to watch for that story as those who were directly involved in getting this going with fundraising and all of the work involved in bringing this to fruition will put together a write-up detailing this important venture. Being able to have STARS land right beside the hospital will save many precious minutes in loading, unloading and transporting patients to Saskatoon. It is a very welcome addition to our community.