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It’s fur real, KC Rescue is at capacity

Unity's cat rescue organization say they are 'pawsing' intakes as they are full, yet again.

UNITY — KC Rescue has advised the cat rescue organization has had to halt admissions to their facility.

The volunteer-run cat rescue organization in Unity is working in their 21st year. Ask any community overrun with surplus stray or feral cats what that problem is like, and you will be quick to realize how valuable the organization is to Unity. In fact, residents who have family or friends in communities experiencing a high stray cat population voice their appreciation for the work volunteers do at KC Rescue to keep Unity from becoming one of those communities. KC Rescue has helped find furr-ever homes for more than 1,000 cats, meaning 1,000 cats are not roaming loose in town.

However, at present, there is no ‘kitten’ around as KC Rescue is at maximum capacity. This is not a decision made lightly according to an organization spokesperson.

To be purr-fectly honest, this volunteer organization say they are doing their best to stay paw-sitive. However, any assistance they can receive from the public by way of donations and/or adoptions can purr-haps alleviate the current intake shut down.

As the weather becomes colder, an influx of calls to come to help with stray or feral cats that are being dumped at farms or on grid roads is expected.

When the volunteer rescue organization is at maximum capacity the strain of staying ahead of expenses such as food, litter, and vet care as well as other supplies needed becomes intensified.

A KC Rescue spokesperson says, “Every cat that comes through KC Rescue undergoes a spay/neuter, infectious disease testing, vaccines, boosters, microchip, tattoo and parasite treatment. At times, they come to us with more pressing health concerns such as broken bones, paralyzed limbs, open wounds and frozen ears and tails. These health concerns are dealt with immediately.”

All incoming cats undergo a 14-day quarantine period before being posted for adoption. Cats in quarantine cannot be placed with adoption room cats and have to be separated from each other as well. This means a separate kennel or room for each cat or litter of kittens.

KC Rescue says that they are thankful to towns and municipalities that have worked with them to help control the feral and stray cat population as well as to farmers who opt to spay or neuter their farm cats, however there are still surrounding communities overrun with cats and multiple cats are still being dumped on rural properties and roads.

KC Rescue’s work saves the town time of their employers as well as taxpayer’s dollars that would be expended to deal with feral and stray cats.

Board members and volunteers say there are things that are not known or misunderstood about their cat rescue organization,

To help try to clear up misconceptions, the board provides these details:

  1. No one is paid for their work at the cat centre, as it is entirely run by a volunteer board of directors assisted by volunteers who come in daily for cat care duties, every single day 365/24/7. KC Rescue is entirely run by donations and fundraisers as a registered charity.
  2. The cat rescue accepts only stray or abandoned cats, not relinquished or owned pets. If a cat is found in town, KC asks that the finder takes the first steps to find the owner by posting on social media as this usually has a high success rate and because the majority of KC Rescue board and volunteers also work in other jobs or capacities and can’t attend to calls about cats 24/7.
  3. Unclaimed and unowned cats can go to KC Rescue, if there is room. If it is clear a cat is owned, it’s up to the landowner/property owners to deal with the issue. However, if residents are being bothered by a nuisance cat that they are unable to locate an owner for, they are to contact bylaw officer Randy Kammerer, who will intervene and may result in fines being levied.
  4. KC Rescue offers a “barn buddies” program. The goal is to provide homes for feral cats who are not adoptable to life as indoor cats. Adopters must be able to provide food, water and shelter year-round and in turn, the new barn buddy helps with rodent control. All cats in this program are FeLv/FIV tested and are spayed/neutered. There is no set adoption fee, but a donation is requested to help offset the costs incurred of vet procedures before transitioning to a new home.
  5. If you adopt from KC Rescue, your new pet will be spayed neutered, dewormed, and fully vaccinated including rabies and feline leukemia, as well as cats are ear tattooed and microchipped which can help with location if it is lost.

Because the shelter is so full, some cats are being fostered until they can be adopted, an appreciated gesture. At times, KC Rescue is happy that the path has led to a foster fail and a fostered cat may find their furever home.

Benefits of volunteering with animal rescue organizations

Volunteers are always appreciated and volunteering work with KC Rescue can offer a number of benefits that include the feel-good opportunity as human interaction greatly assists these cats with social skills that may help their adoption become a reality. And purr-time equals great mental wellness benefits.

You will instantly see the results of your work as well as the volunteer efforts offer emotional, physical and mental health benefits that can lower stress levels and even blood pressure. It is said that caring for pets can help deal with depression, anxiety and stress as well as elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which help keep a person calm and relaxed.

It is another option to add to your volunteer repertoire or resume if needed. Volunteering encourages civic responsibility and offers a chance to give back to your community.

You can follow KC Rescue Facebook or Instagram pages for all the latest photos, news and updates on this cat shelter located in Unity. They also have a website


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