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Kerrobert Councillor Terry Dunn resigns

Seat will remain empty until the next scheduled general election.
Regular council minutes from March 27 meeting.

KERROBERT – The regular council meeting was held March 27 at 7 p.m. with mayor Wayne Mock, councillors Heather Wack, Del-Marie Kissick, Chad Tetzlaff, Mike Mitchell, Brad Murphy and CAO Tara Neumeier present.

During the meeting, Neumeier was approved to rent construction fencing to surround the perimeter of the newly acquired tax title properties of Lots 5, B & D, 11-14 Block 47 Plan G420 and A Block 47 Plan G420, X 49 & 8 Block 46 Plan G420. “No trespassing” signs will be installed and a public notice will be sent out to inform the residents of the change of ownership and the possibility of enforcement.

Neumeier also recommended the office email be switched from SaskTel to MuniSoft to enhance security, support and storage size, which council approved.

The Economic Development office has also been approved to sell, if possible, the chiropractic table purchased in 2023 for the entire cost of what was paid. Proceeds from the sale of the bed will be used to help with upgrades to the furnace at tax title property Lot 25 Block 2 Plan G64.

Reports on monthly operations of Pioneer Haven and the RCMP were accepted for information.

Council accepted the resignation of Councillor Terry Dunn. As per Section 15(b) of the Local Government Elections Act, the vacant seat will remain vacant within one year of a scheduled general election.

Council also approved Assistant Administrator Ariel Murphy to be added as a representative for Member Direct and signing authority on all accounts the Town of Kerrobert has at the Kerrobert Credit Union.

The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.