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Kerrobert Rec: lower pool numbers, high autumn hopes

Kerrobert's new Recreation Director, Marli Shepherd, provides an update on the pool and upcoming fall programming set to begin soon

KERROBERT -- Kerrobert Community Pool has seen reduced user numbers this year but incoming Kerrobert Recreation Director, Marli Shepherd said there are a few factors involved in this other than just the boiler issues.

“The young children’s numbers are down in our community. We are seeing these numbers affect our minor sports and our school. We will see how the numbers are now that we have the big pool boiler fixed. We do not have the paddling pool boiler fixed as of right now but are looking into some solutions. We are on our last set of lessons and are excited with the number of kids we have seen come out and join us for those.”

Shepherd says the town knows there is still some life left with their pool. Interested residents held an informational meeting to discuss where they would like to see things go with a potential new pool. Also, the Rec. Board will discuss the pool at their next meeting and start the process o forming a pool committee.

Kerrobert aims to have their arena open by Oct. 1. The plan is to start the plant around Sept. 15.

Two big projects were undertaken in the arena this summer as compressors need replacing, which never comes as a small expense. Shepherd said they had to utilize the previous compressor past its life expectancy, likely due to sticking to a strict maintenance plan.

The other project was board repair as a few spots in the arena boards needed some welding and around 15 sheets of puck board were replaced, with the plan to replace a few each year.

“I think it is pretty safe to say that the ladies with communities in bloom have outdone themselves again. The flowerpots around town look absolutely stunning. I do know they will be awarding some winners and those will be posted soon,” says Shepherd.

All work at the diamonds was completed with the recreation department talking about fall projects at the diamonds. This will be the second season with the lights on the football field. Football practises are set to start at the end of August, and this generates excitement for the upcoming Rebels season.

Shepherd also adds that soon Walk this Way and Shuffle Club groups will begin after summer break.

The Kerrobert Library was busy this summer and are looking forward to hosting the Aug 16 Danny Kazam camp and magic show as well as a visit from the Saskatchewan Science Centre Aug. 22 as they will host a coding and technology session. Margy Reid will visit in September with her assortment of children’s books and Sage & Citrus will come for a workshop in September on natural cleaners.

Plans are ongoing for the second annual Harvest Festival, following the inaugural year’s success. The event will once again include school tours, both junior and senior football games and barbecue as well as parade, more barbecues, courthouse tours and much more. Shepherd encourages residents and visitors to stay tuned for all the latest updates by following the Town of Kerrobert Culture and Recreation Facebook page.