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Restoring history: Kerrobert Courthouse's new time capsule

After the surprise discovery of a time capsule at Kerrobert Courthouse, the Kerrobert Courthouse Restoration Society knew they wanted to refill and replace the capsule for the next generation to learn about Kerrobert from the year 2023.

KERROBERT — The 103-year-old Kerrobert Courthouse now holds a new time capsule, and restoration work is ongoing

A time capsule is defined as a container holding historical records or objects representative of current culture that is deposited (as in a cornerstone) for preservation until discovery by some future age. 

Kerrobert Courthouse Restoration committee has completed the task of refilling the cornerstone capsule and replacing it for future generations, upon discovery and opening, can learn about life in Kerrobert and the province in 2023.

When construction began on restoration work of the entry steps, a 1920 time capsule was discovered, that was not previously known about.  The KCRC knew they wanted to extend the same historical legacy to future generations.

“The masonry contractors that started the restoration of the Tyndall stone front entrance stair walls last year were able to return and have been working on finishing this project,” Veronica Smith, chairperson of Kerrobert Courthouse Restoration Society, says.

“Due to not knowing exactly when the contractors would be back and when the cornerstone would be placed, we were unable to plan a public event for the time capsule sealing and placing of the cornerstone.”

The Town of Kerrobert adds, “We were, however, able to video our town administrator, Tara Neumeier, placing new items into the copper box that is encased in the cornerstone. You can view this video and some pictures on the Kerrobert Courthouse Restoration Society’s Facebook page if you like.”

Items placed in the new time capsule included coins, newspapers, photos and other memorabilia from Kerrobert and the year 2023.

In the moving words written by 2022 Kerrobert student, Breena Hebron, “… the laying of this time capsule sends a message.  It tells us that they were hoping and planning for our future, just as we should be today.”

“The last month has been quite exciting for the Kerrobert Courthouse building,” Smith adds.

“In early July, the town hired a contractor from Saskatoon for repainting the building’s eaves. This company came highly recommended and had done this kind of work on a similar building in Saskatoon. The results were great, so please check out the new paint job next time you visit.”

The Kerrobert Courthouse Restoration Society was formed to fundraise for the continued upgrades to the building to preserve it into the future. It is a way of keeping citizens engaged and encouraged to appreciate the value of the grand heritage building as an important community gathering place.

The courthouse is home to the community’s town office, museum and library and includes a courtroom gallery, rebranded in 2020 as the Kerrobert Cultural Centre.

The 50/50 fundraiser, hosted by the Kerrobert and District Historical Society, generated $2,900 earmarked towards the courthouse restoration efforts.

While the committee will take a break over the summer, they have plans for an event in conjunction with the Kerrobert Harvest Festival in October.

Smith reminds residents themselves and their guests to visit the museum, art gallery and library this summer. The grounds also provide a great place to enjoy the outdoors. 

“We appreciate the community and our surrounding area for supporting our efforts in the restoration process.”