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Kinsmen Foundation board includes Unity Kin Club President

Telemiracle Foundation has a new face from Unity join board
Unity Kin Club president and newest Kinsen Telemiracle Foundation board member,Nora Aldred

UNITY-- People of Saskatchewan often don’t recognize or know what takes place after their Telemiracle donations and pledges are given, and the show itself wraps up each year. Kinsmen Foundation board is made up of Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin Club members across the province, tasked with deciding how each year’s Telemiracle total will be distributed.

Unity’s Kin Club President , Nora Aldred, now serves on Kinsmen Foundation Board. Ater experiencing Telemiracle throughout her life, as well as through club volunteer efforts at the annual telethon, Aldred says, “At a Zone A meeting, the question was posed if anyone wanted to step up for a two-year term as a representative for our zone on Foundation Board.”

After only becoming a Kin member in 2018, Unity’s Nora Aldred has immersed herself into the family of Kin and her role within the local and provincial Kinsmen and Kinette organization. Aldred was a member for the former Kinette Club in 2003 for a short time before the club folded.

Aldred currently is serving her second year of a two-year term as Unity’s club president.

“I had heard a lot about the Telemiracle Foundation board from our past president, Amanda Whyte, and it always piqued my interest. At the Zone meeting I spoke with the past foundation members, and decided to put my name forward to take on the position.” Aldred was acclaimed for the important role as board member.

Aldred attended her first official board member in September and noted there is considerable work to the role, all volunteer. She found it a bit overwhelming at first but once the first case was presented, the nerves settled a bit, and by the end of the weekend, Aldred said she was happy to be part of this fulfilling, heartwarming role.

“It’s great to speak to each of my applicants, learn their story and advocate for them. Some stories are heartbreaking and can bring us all to tears at the meetings,” adds Aldred.

Asked what is something she learned in this new role that could help educate the public about the role of Foundation, Aldred responds, “First off, all the dollars raised in Saskatchewan for Telemiracle, stay in Saskatchewan for the people of Saskatchewan. We are a last resort funding option, which means, our dollars are giving when there are no other options available to people. “

Kinsmen Foundation Board members are required to attend nine meetings a year, with no meetings held during the summer or in February due to Telemiracle taking place. All meetings are held at the Telmiracle office in Saskatoon, with three of the meetings taking place over the Zoom platform, saving on travel expenses and time for board members.

Aldred said their board reviewed 147 applications for funding and October, there were 101 more lined up on the agenda.  She estimates they are probably at least 100 applications to review each month, with board members having to make the decision on which of those are approved for funding from Telemiracle.

Highlights for the Unity Kin Club President in this additional role as Foundation Board member included meeting with Telemiracle producers, meeting her fellow board members and the best part, making the phone calls after the meeting to advise people they have received the funding applied for. “They didn’t warn me about the happy tears when making those calls,” exclaims Aldred.

Aldred laughs that she is still trying to figure out the balance between her community Kin Club role, Foundation Board, businesses woman, wife and mom. “We have an amazing club and I have been delegating tasks to them more and more of which they are all happy to step up and help.” She also ascertains that she has an amazing, supportive husband and kids that are of great assistance to her all of her roles.

Community members affirm that Aldred’s passion for anything she does whether it is community volunteering or running her business is clearly an excellent attribute for her newest role on Kinsmen Foundation Board. Unity is always proud of representation beyond the community from its residents in roles such as this.

Telemiracle announced on Oct. 17 a $1M donation towards the Breast Cancer Screening Bus for rural Saskatchewan, to which Aldred happily shared the announcement on her social media stating, “Every donation counts. It all adds up. Thank you Saskatchewan and I am proud to be par of the Kinsmen Telemiracle board.”