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Macklin residents win Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery grand prize

A $2.1M grand prize showroom and $50,000 cash were won by Macklin resident, Donna Lynn McIntyre
March 30 was an exciting day in Macklin when residents learned Donna Lynn McIntyre was a big winner.

MACKLIN — Imagine getting a phone call that you had won a $2.1M grand prize show home plus $50,000 cash?  That was the news Macklin resident Donna-Lynn McIntyre was absorbing when she learned she had won the Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery March 30.

Macklin residents were buzzing with excitement at the news with many stating that "good things happen to good people."

By coincidence, the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald was interviewing McIntryre about her community commitment to various avenues in Macklin, so are now awaiting her additional response on this win. Stay tuned for updates.