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National Tree Day 2023 celebrated in Kerrobert with 80 trees planted

Sprucing up Kerrobert was aided by 48 volunteers who planted 80 trees as part of National Tree Day.

KERROBERT— In sprucing up Kerrobert, volunteers recognize the root of the community's clean air and beautification comes from trees.

A successful community event was held Sept. 20 to mark National Tree Day by planting 80 trees.

The event was registered with Tree Canada. The Town of Kerrobert brought the saplings and the preparation work was done by their public works department.

Across Canada, National Tree Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many benefits trees provide: clean air, cooler cities, wildlife habitat and connection with nature.

Residents were asked to bring gloves and come plant a seedling, as well as stay for a social time and refreshments after the event to celebrate collaboration in helping make Kerrobert fairgrounds a little greener.

“Oh my gosh our tree day was amazing,” says Recreation Director Marli Shepherd .

“The energy and excitement of the kids definitely helped make it a super successful event. The Grade 5/6 class from KCS came and they were an ambitious bunch. With the help of all of the volunteers we had 70 starter trees in the ground in about half an hour. “

Shepherd says 48 volunteers came out to help plant 80 wooded wonders, funded by the town’s tree budget. Planting took place at the fairgrounds, chosen because so many trees had to be cut down in that location as they were dying. A hailstorm a few years back and windstorm in 2022 and the lingering drought, all contributed to tree demise.

“We are hopeful that we can make this an annual event and hope to get the trees back in Kerrobert and we have to start somewhere, so we are happy to start there.” adds Shepherd.

“We are working on a community tree and greenery plan and will be applying for grants to help make our plans successful.”

The organized effort involved planting five red apple trees, five Romeo cherry trees, 40 poplar trees and 30 blue Colorado spruce trees. The seedlings were planted along the fence and the group was able to start to fill the gaps behind diamonds two and three at the fairgrounds.

Shepherd says they were pleased to have school kids, representatives from Strathcona Brando, along with staff from several businesses in town to join town staff and other community volunteers.

Several Kerrobert businesses donated items for refreshments as a thank you to those who volunteered, as well as businesses who offered in-kind donations for the activity.

Shepherd notes that a drip line will be installed to help keep trees growing and provide them with the water they need to grow strong.

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