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No bones about it, Senlac bunnock tourney proves successful

The colder weather may have dampened fundraising potential but bunnock lovers had a great time at the Senlac tournament.

SENLAC – The game of bunnock has interestingly gained popularity over the past 10 years, with tournaments being organized each summer. But in the village of Senlac, the tournament is more than just for fun with members of the community and surrounding towns gathering at the Senlac arena in their teams, hoping to take home the trophy.

While some teams are friends looking for a day out, most are comprised of families. Bobbi-Jean May of Senlac saw the opportunity to share the day with family that made a trek from Victoria, B.C. With custom t-shirts with their team name – Team Dynamite – May had a team comprised of her daughter, Jordan Wildeman, granddaughter Jessa Wildeman, nephew Blair and his son Rowan May, and cousins Jared, Harmony and Rose Wells.

“It worked out well for us to be here at the tournament. We still had a chance to visit and have fun at the same time,” said May.

Organizer Shane Forbes started the tournament as a way to generate funds to help with community buildings such as the arena and community hall. Since starting the tournament nine years ago, community projects that have been completed include new sidewalks and stairs at the hall and arena, new lighting in the arena, an upgraded fire system in the Senlac Café as well as a renovation of the old fire waterer and shelter, helping to keep it pristine into the future.

The colder temperatures and the increase in pricing of food and beverages did keep the committee from reaching its full fundraising potential, but Forbes said the tournament still managed to raise some funds for the community.

The committee that helps Forbes with organizing is a combination of the Senlac Café Coop and the Senlac Rec Committee.

“Between the board members and all the great volunteers in Senlac who always step up when functions are put on, the bunnock tournament is well organized and always seems to run very smoothly,” said Forbes.

With next year being the 10th annual tournament, it is unknown yet if the committee members will put on a bigger event than usual but is still looking forward to organizing next year’s event.