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One month shy of two years, another federal election is called

Western Canadians have different questions and concerns for their candidates than those in eastern Canada

Many Western Canadians were dismayed at Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to call a Federal Election a month from now. With British Columbia wildfires continuing to rage resulting in numerous evacuations, a drought induced harvest underway, and the pandemic still as prominent as ever, the timing for this federal election is definitely a fair question and concern.

All 14 ridings in Saskatchewan voted in Conservative members in Parliament in the last election only a month shy of the last federal election in October of 2019. These MPs along with those running for other parties are set to hit the ground running in this version of the Canadian election campaign.

We are part of the Battlefords-Lloydminster riding, which has three candidates running for office so far. Rosemarie Falk for the Conservative Party is the current MP and will run against Larry Ingram for the Liberals and the inaugural Maverick Party will feature candidate Ken Rutherford in our riding. Erik Hansen has recently been announced as the NDP candidate

It is well-known that western Canadians have far different questions and concerns for their candidate and federal government than those in eastern Canada