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Opinion: The legend of somebody

Stop making excuses and start making changes; better yet, make an effort not an excuse

UNITY — You know when you read those social media posts that suggest “I saw an event in X town and somebody should do that here” or “Did you know that AB town has an X, Y Z, it would be nice if somebody took that on.”

How about those around-town conversations that suggest “Somebody should do x, y or z and this would be so much better” or “It would be nice if somebody had a program for kids/families/seniors in town.”

Who is this mysterious somebody? It’s obviously an amazing, impressive or legendary soul that takes on superhero tasks to make things so much better in any community.

People can spend so much time seeking this mysterious somebody but fail to realize who somebody actually is.

Somebody does not necessarily have all the benefits, or never experience difficulties or has a whole team of somebodies behind them. Somebody doesn’t have to know all the right people as they know they are the person to get things started. And, without their time, efforts or initiative a project, event or activity would not occur.

How is it that we have the time to ask where somebody is, but we cannot see that the people we know and have seen in action are producing the results of those we envy?

Somebody is a legend, and you can be one too.

Somebody, at this very moment, is ahead of us leading the pack, walking the walk, talking the talk. Somebody doesn’t sit around wondering when “somebody will do something.”

Find that somebody in your community and ask why they are this legend. How did they come about doing what they do? You will soon learn that they care, they want to share their time and talent and they do not want to be the elusive somebody people always seem to be looking for.

It is like a game show title, “Who’s job is it anyway?” I am sure you have all read the tale about four people named everybody, somebody, anybody and nobody. It starts off with, “Everybody was sure somebody would do it, anybody could have done it, but nobody did it.”

Simply said if no one takes responsibility then nothing will get accomplished.

Growing up, our parents took us to almost every work party they were involved with whether it was through their Kinsmen involvement, Telemiracle projects, South Country Round Up rodeo weekend, catering preparation and serving, 4-H and whatever other community involvement they were part of. They believed if you wanted to see a better community, province or country then it was imperative you rolled up your sleeves and pitched in with the task at hand.

I have seen it in Unity. Following a big storm with a tournament set to run the next day, parents brought their kids, players, siblings and family and helped clean up the diamonds, so it was ready to go. The same goes for a tournament being hosted when rain saturates the diamonds. The grounds crew is quickly aided by dads and volunteers at the event to help alleviate the problem.

However, what I also see are organizations, volunteer tasks and committees relying on the same people year after year desperately seeking a new crop of folks to come and learn what it takes to run the event or activity so that a plan is in place for future takeover

Find a cause, event, activity, group or organization you are passionate about and get on board. It isn’t all work and no play as you can meet some great new people and you can have a lot of fun in the prep work. It is what you make of it.

The saying goes that the happiest people are those not getting more, but those giving more. Don’t be the guy, “Well, I work.” “I’m busy.” “I don’t like crowds.” Stop making excuses and start making changes. Better yet, make an effort not an excuse.

Do not let decades, years or months of great things in this community lapse or fall off the map because we are looking for the legend of somebody.

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