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Four Unity Music Festival performers recommended for provincials

Saskatchewan's longest running Music Festival, Unity Music Festival, in its 97th year, wrapped up the week long event with showcase of stars on April 2.

UNITY - The 97th annual Unity Music Festival was held the week of March 27-30, with a final showcase of stars held at UCHS gym on April 2. Four performers from the week were awarded provincial recommendation meaning they will travel to Regina on June 1-4 to compete at a provincial level.

UMF Association also made a presentation to long-time volunteer, Melody Kuhn, for the 2023 Volunteer of the Year award with the festival.

UMF is made possible due to countless hours of organization and preparation by the committee as well as financial support from local businesses, organizations, and groups. A number of volunteers help man each performance location throughout the week as well as set up/take down for a gala event to wrap up the festival on April 2. Of course, the heart and soul of the festival comes from the tireless dedication of performers and accompanists in perfecting their pieces for the festival.


PIANO: The Tim & Nadine Keller Family Scholarship $50 - Emily Melnyk; Joyce T. Smith Memorial $50 - Owen Neufeld; Myrtle Cleall Memorial Cup & Keeper and Scholarship (donated by Battleford’s Registered Music Teachers) $100 + Award - Sadie Risling; Audrey and Tony Fischer Memorial $50 - Jensen Fawell; Audrey and Tony Fischer Memorial $50 - Mayla Williams; Wilma DeBelser Memorial $50 - Eden Fawell; Wilma DeBelser Memorial $50 - Parker MacKay; Katherine Schell Memorial $150 - Karlin Vold; First Year of Instruction - Cut Knife Royal Purple $50 – Joseph Vold; Duet - Barbara Surine $100 - Jensen and Eden Fawell; Recital Class - Unity St. Peter’s CWL $50 - Alex Melnyk; Canadian Class - Dr. Mervyn Ashing Memorial $50 & Award - Hailey-lynn Aldred; Pop Song - Unity Royal Canadian Legion $500 - Brynn Delhommeau; Bach/Baroque - Unity St. Peter’s CWL Award - Beckham Grant; Sonata/Sonatina - Unity Royal Canadian Legion Award - Keanna Kelly ; Dr. Fred & Evelyn Weeks Trophy and Keeper Award - Marishka Mauthe.

BAND: Unity Baptist Church $50 - Sadie Risling; Unity Elks Lodge - Steyn Hoogstad

VOCAL: Unity United Church Choir $50 - Eden Fawell; Cut Knife CWL $50 - Avyne McLean; Unity Lutheran Church $100 - Mayla Williams; Unity Knights of Columbus $150 - Marishka Mauthe; Folk Song 12 & Under - Unity Elks Lodge Award - Eden Fawell; Folk Song 13 & Over - Wilkie United Church Award - Marishka Mauthe.

MUSICAL THEATRE: Cut Knife CWL $50 - Erin Squires; Barry and Chris DeRoo Davisson $75 - Mateo Rutley; Unity Baptist Church $ 75 - Avyne McLean; Gilbert Agencies – to a vocal student exhibiting a love of Musical Theatre, any age $100 - Mayla Williams.

SCHOOLS: Unity St. Peter's CWL - UPS Grade 2. SPEECH ARTS: Unity St. Peter's CWL $50 - Clara Reiche; Unity Elks Lodge $75 - Willem Hoogstad; Cut Knife Royal Canadian Legion $100 - Steyn Hoogstad; Unity Music Festival Association

MOST OUTSTANDING PIANO PERFORMER OF FESTIVAL Trophy & Keeper AND Verna Veikle Memorial Scholarship $200 - MOLLY OROBKO; Jimmie and Ethel Anderson Memorial MOST OUTSTANDING VOCAL and Wilkie CWL Scholarship $200 - AVYNE MCLEAN.

RECOMMENDATIONS TO PROVINCIAL COMPETITION: Mayla Williams - Musical Theatre Up-Tempo Contemporary (12 Years & Under) and Musical Theatre Solo, Ballad, Modern (12 Years & Under); Molly Orobko - Piano Solo Chopin (17 years & under) under and Piano Solo Recital Piece (17 years and under); Willem Hoogstad - Spoken Word, Solo Poetry (14 years and under), Spoken Word, Solo Prose (14 years & under) and Canada West Speech Arts and Drama (17 years and under); Steyn Hoogstad - Spoken Word, Solo Prose (17 years and under), Spoken Word, Solo Concert Group (17 years &under) and Canada West Speech Arts and Drama (17 years and under).