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Residents reflect on passing of Queen Elizabeth

Residents respond in sadness to the passing of Queen Elizabeth

UNITY — Residents are expressing their sorrow at the Sept. 7 passing of Queen Elizabeth. 2022 marks the platinum jubilee for Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Phillip, passed away April 9, 2021.

Unity photographer, Nick Seneshen, shared these photos he took during the Queen and Prince Phillip's cross-Canada tour that stopped in Unity July 21, 1959. Her Majesty and the Prince arrived by train and paraded down Main Street, waving to hundreds.

Some, not wanting to be directly quoted, said, "She was genuine but always very much in charge."  "Queen Elizabeth managed a lot during her reign in a 70-year time span."  "Now [she] and Prince Phillip are together again, rest in peace our Queen."

Unity senior resident, Ruth Phillips said, "I am sad as she was very nice and very gracious."

Photographer that took these memorable pictures, Nick Seneshen, says, "I feel sad. I was quite proud and pleased to have taken these photos in Unity and was pleased to see the snapshots be used to remember her."