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Sidewalks, completed pool landscaping and ucpoming hall meeting in Luseland mayor's report

Luseland Mayor Kathy Wurz provides updates on work upcoming in town and community events in her monthly mayor's report

LUSELAND - The Luseland Credit Union Swimming Pool ended its season Sept. 6. The pool committee, made up of deputy mayor Candice Kraft, councillors Bobbi Elliot and Edie Gillis say the season was a great success and were happy to keep it open for the long weekend. Landscaping was completed this year, by Neil Charteris Reclamation, who came and hydroseeded the south and east sides of the pool perimeter. This should conclude some of the work that was remaining from construction of the new pool. An air exchanger is also planned for installation to deal with humidity issues in the building.

Safe Sidewalks of Calgary, Alta., had been in Luseland several weeks ago to assess the sidewalks in the town. Council received their condition report and decided to have them out for a day to deal with some of the more significant tripping hazards. They shave/grind down sidewalks that have small heaves and it has a huge cost savings compared to replacing an entire sidewalk. We hope to continue sidewalk restoration efforts of our sidewalks and do more in upcoming budget years.

Sept. 11 was the Harvest Festival in Luseland. The Luseland Community Development Committee came up with the plan in hopes to have a celebration and gathering after the long year and a half since COVID-19 restrictions had prevented much from happening. However, due to COVID-19 case increases in our area and the fact children under 12 aren’t vaccinated, the event had to be modified . The Luseland Daycare decided to cancel their kids' carnival and the kids' tractor pull was also cancelled. Take-out options were added for the beef supper at Ranger Electric’s shop and mask requirements were added to certain indoor venues.

Lots of other businesses and groups participated such as the Luseland Museum having their agricultural fair, the Luseland library having a gaming trailer and other activities, Brittany Cairns and son Wes ran a chicken poop bingo, the Luseland Quilt Club had a display at the museum, there was bingo at the Pioneer Club, a food truck on Grand Avenue, a beef supper at Ranger Electric Shop followed by entertainment arranged by the Luseland Arts Council featuring, Chris Williamson and Paula Ross, as well as Dan and Janet Fischer and Will Ballantyne.

Sept. 18 weekend, Luseland will be hosting the MS Bike Ride in conjunction with Team Flahr with Flair. There have also been modifications to this event due to COVID-19 case increases. The Luseland Credit Union, who was hosting a barbecue after the ride completion, will now be having a drive thru rather than seated barbecue. This decision was not made lightly, but out of concern of not creating super spreader events in our small community. We are still having entertainment downtown and you are welcome to hang around in your vehicle or sit on the street and listen to Keely Olfert and Rhianna Boyce sing, followed by the musical talents of Frank Beausoleil. Please visit the Team Flahr with Flair Facebook page for more information and to find out how you can donate.

Sept. 28, the town will be having a hall board committee meeting at the Luseland Hall at 7:30 p.m. We are setting up a new board and invite anyone interested in being a member to come out and participate in a start-up meeting. Councillor Krystal Bazylinski will be in attendance from the town and we are excited and have some ideas of how we can move forward and initiate projects that are necessary to ensure the longevity of this community gathering place.