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Supply chain issues hit businesses with more challenges

It doesn't appear any businesses, regardless of commodity or sector, will be exempt from pandemic related supply chain issues compounded by recent road and rail failure in BC due to flooding.

UNITY - The pandemic and recent flooding in British Columbia have combined to create supply challenges for local businesses.

Businesses are citing periodic supply chain issues attributed to the pandemic. Add the complications of recent flooding and road failure in British Columbia interrupting trucking out of the port of Vancouver and local businesses are feeling in a tight corner leading up to their busiest season.

These issues have and will cause price increases, delayed arrival of orders and inventory and just some general overall grief for business in providing for their customers.

Unity’s Lonestar Towing and Auto Repair co-owner Ashley Tanner says, “We are finding some parts are being affected for stock but for the most part we’ve been able to sift through suppliers to find stock somewhere. We have definitely noticed a price increase on a lot of things. Everyone seems to know before we even tell them that there may be an issue getting things.”

Troy Wildeman, TS Auto and AG says, “We have not yet experienced any issues with supplies and suppliers, so on our end, so far, we are fine. We did get notified that the water pumps we order are unable to be shipped as understandably they are keeping them in that province for now.”

Delta Co-op’s Manager of Marketing and Communications, Julie Spencer, says, “As many companies are experiencing supply chain issues, Delta Co-op is no exception to this. The COVID pandemic, the catastrophe in British Columbia, weather, etc., are all some of the factors in which we are seeing a shortage across all our lines of business. With any unexpected interruption, the impact can be felt throughout Delta in each of our locations.

"Our Agro locations are seeing issues primarily with seed, chemical and fertilizers. In our hardware locations, a lot of our inventory and supplies are delayed and scheduled to arrive at a much later date. Delta is working as hard as we can to ensure that we are still meeting the needs of all our members."

Darcy Thomas of AG Foods in Unity also says their store had already been experiencing supply chain issues before the B.C. catastrophe. Now there are added complications of transport resulting from the flooding, Thomas says they know from recent phone calls to suppliers that they will experience even more shipping shortages or delays.

North West Terminal also affirms the B.C. situation will definitely affect farmers and their shipping options.

"It is possible that the Canadian supply chain will suffer delays. We have heard of challenges facing both rail lines and the damages are still being assessed. At the moment we are still planning and mitigating logistics delays, but we expect better information as damage assessments are completed as weather permits," says Timothy Hill, logistics co-ordinator.