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Surprise discovery at Kerrobert Courthouse awaits revealing

The contents of a time capsule will be revealed at a special event yet to be announced.

KERROBERT — An exciting turn of events transpired when Tyndall stone was being removed during the first stages of the Kerrobert Courthouse front steps replacement project, when a time capsule was discovered in the cornerstone.

“We are very anxious to know what may be inside the capsule, but we have decided to hold off opening the capsule until we can do so at an upcoming event, yet to be determined. We had no idea that the time capsule existed or was there, as there aren’t any records of such a thing,” says Mayor Wayne Mock.

“It is exciting to think of what it could be."

The town plans to issues tenders for the cement work and building of the new steps soon, with work to commence as soon as possible after tenders are awarded. The plans is have the new stairs in place before the end of summer.

In the meantime, there is spring maintenance work to be done in the town.

“I guess spring is upon us, but the one thing I hate is all the potholes that comes along with it. Whether it is on our highways or our streets, our vehicles take a beating and we let out a few new swear words in frustration," Mock observes.

There are also other street construction to be dealt with. The street project contractor came to town to add material and smooth out intersections that were dug up over summer as the bottom of cars were scraping due to the avenues being lower than the streets, notes Mock.

“This will obviously get corrected once the crews are back in full force to complete the project and lay down some brand-new pavement. To help keep the pavement in new condition for as long as we can, town council has been working hard to change our bylaws to try and keep larger vehicles, trailers and equipment from pounding out our new streets. More details will come out once the project is near completion. We will also need our residents to let us know when larger and heavier vehicles are on the streets, so we can ensure they have a permit or maybe issue a fine depending on the situation. This is a very expensive project, and we need to protect it.”

Mock also affirms that, like many surrounding communities, Kerrobert has been dealing with a rash of thefts throughout the community.

“I just want to send out a reminder to report suspicious individuals and lock up your property. Whether it is your vehicle, garage or house, leaving these things unlocked make easy targets for thieves looking for either cash or something they can sell to make a quick buck. We had an individual hiding out in Kerrobert who was caught by our local RCMP the week before Easter. His van contained many stolen items such as car batteries and catalytic converters."

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