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Third place for McLurg in most informed school

Wilkie's McLurg School, Life Transitions class, earns a third spot banner from ChatterHigh and Skills Canada competition to find Saskatchewan's most informed school and students

WILKIE ‑ To be deemed "most informed" in a world characterized by 24-hour access to information at the tap of a key can only be seen as an impressive accomplishment.

Students in McLurg High School Life Transitions class have earned that designation after participating in a Most Informed School and Students competition, launched by ChatterHigh and Skills Canada Saskatchewan. The dozen Grade 11 students placed third in the province-wide challenge aimed at inspiring students to explore future career opportunities.

During the 10-day online competition, held in October, the McLurg students explored 716 post-secondary and career web pages, gaining knowledge about what is available for them as career choices. Their enthusiasm earned third place among the Saskatchewan schools entered.

McLurg High received a championship banner plus a $100 donation to the school for their part in the competition.

Principal Greg Mamer teaches the Life Transitions class, which is offered to Grade 11 and 12 students. He describes the course as "a combination of the topics covered in health and careers in junior high, only at a higher level."

Mamer says the students were excited to place third, though they had entered more in a spirit of gaining knowledge than to win. He adds he is immensely proud of the students, their initiative and their drive to achieve success.

According to its website, ChatterHigh is a "gamified engagement platform helping to prepare youth for life after high school." Skills Canada focusses on helping youth explore career possibilities in skilled trades and technologies through a number of initiatives.

The way McLurg students took charge of the competition impressed ChatterHigh organizers, who described them showing tremendous initiative to explore career paths. They exhibited leadership skills that will help them throughout whatever career path they chose to follow, according to the organization.