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Thoughts from the Barnyard: What moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

Traditional Mother's Day gifts are nice, but based on personal experience, these are some things moms really want.
Moms get overwhelmed, so give her what she really wants for Mother's Day.

This weekend is Mother’s Day, when we spoil the maternal women in our lives. Traditionally, moms are treated to handmade gifts from their young children, a breakfast in bed and cards with words of affection scribbled inside. As much as we appreciate the thoughts and efforts that go into these cherished gifts, there are some things we would really like for Mother’s Day.

First, breakfast in bed is a sweet and thoughtful sentiment, but when we finally rouse from the sheets, Mom does not want to be greeted by a kitchen full of dirty dishes, ingredients and empty containers when she comes for her second cup of coffee. She has cleaned plenty of messes for you over the years, so taking that extra step will go a long way. If you plan to spoil Mom with any meal to celebrate her, you better clean up before she ventures into the kitchen.

Gifts for your mother are always a nice touch. When looking for the perfect gift, remember you are shopping for Mom, not yourself. Flowers and plants are always a nice touch, but for some moms, the only things we seem to keep alive are the humans we created (and maybe the pets). If your mom lacks a green thumb, selecting plants of the plastic variety that look real is a great way to go. For the mommas who enjoy gardening and greenery, you can choose something she would like.

Most mothers are constantly on the go, usually with work and the kiddos busy year-round with various activities and sports. Their hectic schedules sometimes leave little time for the house and yard work. Simply helping her catch up on the housework will go a long way. If you are looking for a long-lasting effect, continue to help throughout the year. This may save you some money next year if funds get tight. Doing the dishes, laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away), taking out the trash and even sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors are some of the key chores’ Mom would love to have taken off her plate.

Some moms enjoy being pampered by going to a spa or getting their hair or nails done. But if your family is on a budget, I am sure your mom would just be happy with a long soak in the tub. The only way this can happen for her is if everyone can fend for themselves until she emerges from her bubbly escape. This means no one is allowed to fight among themselves, ask her the most unusual questions through the door, and know where every single item they own is. The last thing she wants to hear during her relaxing moment is “Mooooommmmm, where’s my stuff?”

Moms have been begging over the whole year for just one thing, especially when out in public with their darling children. “No fighting.” Mother’s Day weekend is no exception to this simple request, just simply get along with your siblings. Mothers are to be treated like royalty on this special day, not referees. We try to keep the peace all year round, the least you can do is bite your tongues and swallow your pride for 48 hours.

Without realizing it, moms sacrifice a lot for their children, even the grown-up ones with little ones of their own. Please remember to take the time to call, write or even visit your mother this year.