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Town of Wilkie holds a public meeting April 13

Residents hear an update from their mayor and councillors.

WILKIE — April 13, Wilkie council invited residents to a meeting to discuss varies topics of interest to public.

Tim Ledding, BCL Engineering Ltd., discussed the paving project for 4th Street West. Various costs were given, depending on the amount of work that would have to be done to replace the pavement. There is a process, said Administrator, Lana Gerein, to go through to receive a local improvement money and it is hoped the project will get underway later this spring.

Other topics discussed included the solar panel project for the arena with Councillor Lucas Jaindl saying the savings are happening. With the first anniversary of installation this June, there will be a benchmark to see what the savings will be. This project was funded by federal and provincial grants.

Councillor Les Henderson discussed the installation of a new ice plant with the majority of the cost coming from Kraft Hockeyville. There were minor glitches but those have been fixed. Recreation Director, Lori Fenrich,  said the plant is running well and if there were any issues, insurance would cover costs.

Councillor Alex Majewski gave a short presentation on the combining of the town of Wilkie Fire Department and the Rural Fire Association. There will be an article in the Press Herald soon explaining the reasons for the combining of the two boards.

Approximately 50 attended, with Mayor David Ziegler giving people time to ask questions about the four items on the agenda.