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UCHS holds first-ever Pride walk

An opportunity to promote kindness and inclusion came in a new activity organized by UCHS.

UNITY Unity Composite High School continues to promote kindness and inclusion in many ways through action and activity. A first ever UCHS Pride walk was held the afternoon of the last day of classes, June 17.

Earlier in the week, the UCHS Pride group painted the sidewalk leading to the school’s entry in bright colors, completed by five students along with teachers, Miss Wintonyk and Natasha Krips. Paint was donated by RONA in Macklin.

“This is the first year for the UCHS Pride group and we hope it continues into the future,” says Wintonyk.

Wintonyk says she and Krips are the teacher advisors for the group and it was Krips idea to start the group. The UCHS Pride group is student run.

Wintonyk says, “The Pride walk is important to staff, students and our community because everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other factors. Everyone deserves to feel loved and welcomed.”

The goal of the June 17 walk is to show support for each other and people’s differences. Around two dozen participants walked from the UCHS grounds down 3rd Avenue East and a portion of Main Street before returning to the school, wearing messaged T-shirts and bright-coloured clothing

 Pride Month, held in June, presents an opportunity to promote that everyone matters in a community. The intention id to commit to work that still must be done to achieve equality and reflect on the progress that has been made as well as celebrate those who made this progress possible.

 Pride walks became more prevalent as part of Pride month events and are intended to promote social and self acceptance.