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UCHS hosts presentation on digital citizenship and developing online identity

Unity Composite High school students and parents had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Alec Couros focusing on living in, and raising teenagers in a digital world.

UNITY — Dr. Alec Couros, a professor at the University of Regina who specializes in educational technology and media, prepared an afternoon of learning for students at UCHS.

He presented to Grades 6-12 about digital citizenship and developing an online identity – addressing both positive and negative aspects of being online. His personal story in this matter provided an example for students and that helped them recognize that if something happens to them online it’s OK to reach out for help and talk about it.

Grade 11 and 12 students also had the opportunity to attend and participate in a panel to discuss the expectations/boundaries and consequences of technology and social media in the workplace. In the weeks leading up to this, the leadership class (led by Ann Marie David), composed a survey for students, and from there, prepared questions for the panel members.

The panel was an interactive and engaging experience that included community members: Tonya Lehman (superintendent at Living Sky School Division), Ashlie Kopp and Clayton Bosch (Compass Minerals), Alec Couros (University of Regina), Samuel Demers (RCMP liaison), Gerald Hauta (Unity Credit Union), Jaymie Middleton (Sask. Health Authority), and Chelsea Shepherd (Northwest Terminal).

For the parent presentation in the evening, Dr. Couros focused on raising teenagers in a digital world – discussing the consequences of security and decision-making online, providing examples from Canada and the world.

Dr. Couros also spent time addressing the importance of parent involvement by having conversations with their children and setting boundaries on technology/social media use. Additionally, he highlighted positive advancements of AI technology and social media, providing a glimpse into the direction of the future of the digital world.


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