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UFD has several reminders for residents

Unity Fire Chief reminds people the importance of keeping an eye on cargo they are hauling

UNITY--The Unity Fire Department had four calls in June that included two STARS landing assists at the hospital. The other two calls were to grass fires. Residents are hopeful with some recent rains that the grass fire risk has been reduced.

Unity Fire Chief, Dwaine Kopp, says, “We are reminding people the importance of keeping an eye on cargo you are hauling. One of the calls we responded to was for multiple spot fires that were started by sparks coming off the back of someone’s vehicle as they were travelling down the highway.”

As well, Fire Chief Kopp reminds everyone that July it is mandatory to have smoke and CO detectors in all residential dwellings regardless of age. For more information on this subject, residents should call the Building and Technical Standards Branch at 1-306-787-4113 or email

This includes any buildings with regular sleeping quarters like houses, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, motels, and care facilities.

Statistics show that you are four times more likely to die in a house fire if you do not have a working smoke alarm. Carbon monoxide is an odorless invisible gas that can cause severe health outcomes or even death and is often referred to as the silent killer.

Earlier intervention creates a safer community and it is going to create a safer atmosphere for first responders.  In a September 2021, CTV online story it noted the province saying between 2018-2020, an average of 1,200 carbon monoxide incidents were reported to SaskEnergy.