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Undocumented remains found in Neilburg cemetery

Village of Neilburg office has no records of who the remains belong to.
Remains found at the Neilburg Cemetery have been deemed as a historical burial, with no record of who the individual was.

NEILBURG – The community of Neilburg was shocked when human remains were found in the Neilburg cemetery with no marker or documentation.

While preparing for an upcoming internment, the remains of what looked to be an infant child were discovered. The Forensics Examiner and Major Crimes Unit were called in to inspect the remains where the burial was deemed historical.

Kathleen McGladdery, CAO for the village, said the first burial in the Neilburg Cemetery was in 1931 and the forensics team decided to not pursue any further investigation.

“The village office believes the burial was in around the same time, but we have no record of this individual being buried there.”

The remains were found at a proper burial depth with no coffin encasing them.

“The forensics team collected the remains for us, and the village will be moving them to their final resting place. We will also put a marker up as well,” McGladdery added.

In the early years of homesteading, it was not uncommon for burials to be done close to home or not in a cemetery. In most cases, a lone tree or large rock was used as a marker for the individual.

While there is little information to go by, the village is hopeful someone may have some details of who the remains belong to or know the family history.