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Unity Music Festival Association presents volunteer of the year award

Melissa Acton named the 2021 volunteer of the year with the Unity Music Festival Association

UNITY - The Unity Music Festival presented their annual volunteer of the year award to Melissa Acton for 2021.

The UMFA tells the Press-Herald/, "Melissa's musical journey began on the farm many years ago watching her parents and their siblings play piano and sing.  When she was 10, she began piano lessons with Mrs. Verda Wildeman, who encouraged Melissa to enter the Unity Music Festival. She entered for seven years until she attained her Grade 8 piano, and graduated from high school.

"After their daughter Madison entered the festival, Melissa took over different roles on the committee. First, the volunteer co-ordinator position, next helping prepare setup at the United Church and the two schools, then the final performance organization and MC."

Around 2018, Acton stepped down to take on other community and roles within St. Peter's Church. She now accompanies music for choir, weddings and funerals at St. Peter's.  

Acton appreciates the festival committee, where the dedication and time poured into running the association is like a "well-oiled machine, where each job is done to the highest standard." She remained involved for the enjoyment and love of the arts in the community where her feelings of wonder, joy and happiness came from listening to those young people who hone their musical gifts and talents, and that passion will never wane.

UMFA once again held virtual music festival performances in 2021 as a result of the prolonged pandemic. The committee also organized online performances for their annual Christmas carol festival, much to the delight of music lovers.