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Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald blast to the past

The Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald archives give us a glimpse of the past in Unity and Wilkie, 50 years ago and 20 years ago
1972 Baby sepia
Unity's 1972 New Year's baby was born to Raymond and Debbie Ralston, a girl.

UNITY - The weekly blast to the past from the archives of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald outlines top news stories for the week ending Jan. 14.

50 Years Ago

Unity's new arrival for 1972 was a baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Raltson of Unity on Sunday, Jan. 2 in the Unity Union Hospital. The tiny lass and her parents were awarded a host of prizes in the annual New Year's Baby Derby sponsored by the merchants of Unity. The gift certificates were presented to the mother by Mayor Walter Haight. Mrs. Althea Simmons was also on hand to present an engraved silver cup on behalf of the Unity Hospital Auxiliary. Looking on is Mrs. Mildred Krips, superintendent of nursing at the Unity Union Hospital.

The Town of Unity entered into a policing contract with the RCMP. The contract would allow the RCMP to provide policing services for the town in the future.

A light turn out of voters favoured water treatment. The plebiscite conducted by the Town of Unity on whether or not to proceed with plans for construction of a water treatment planted carried in favour but drew a disappointing turnout of voters.

20 Years Ago

Greenhead Health District was still uncertain of future plans for the implementation into a regional health authority as outlined in the Action Plan for Saskatchewan Health Care, but they were slowly beginning the process.

The Town of Unity announced the previous year was good for business, as several new businesses opened in the community.

The Wilkie Outlaws began the 2002 half of the North Sask. River Hockey League campaign at 6-2, and started the new year with a loss to Macklin, 8-2.