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Warriors part of multiple extra curricular activities in action at UCHS

UCHS students elated that a variety of sports, groups and activities will once again be part of their high school experience

UNITY - For many students, part of their positive high school experience includes being part of groups, organizations, activities and sports at their high school.  Warrior pride is demonstrated all year by students who are proud to wear school colors and compete as part of their school team. 

There is also a large demographic of students outside of the school sports scene who look forward to the return of a variety of groups where they can bond with other students, work cooperatively toward a common goal as well as provide activities or engagement for fellow students through their group's mission.  

Unity Composite High School students were elated to know that their high school sports season and other extra curricular activities at UCHS have returned.  The fall sports season has begun and other sign ups for groups and activities continues, of which UCHS offers a wide range for many student interests.  

The traditional groups of SADD (Students Against Distracted Driving), Yearbook, Canteen, PSCC (Positive School Climate Committee), and SLC (Student Leadership Council) are back for students again this year. 

With regard to the welcomed back extracurricular activities, UCHS Principal, Aaron Melnyk, said new groups are forming throughout the year including a Pride Group, which has been something they have been thinking about for the last few years.

School sports were another student experience sadly missed in last year's heightened pandemic protocols. However, with a return to play directive from the Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association, school sports are once again part of high school life at UCHS. This was very welcome news for students, especially those entering their Grade 12 year in school.  

Football has already held an exhibition game and coaches, Mr. Cey, Mr. Clark and Mr. Gieni from UPS, will be guiding the Warrior football team through their season with the goal of earning a playoff spot.

Volleyball continues to be a popular sports season. Mrs. Orobko will look after the senior A girls team while Kelsie Salewski and Charmaine Kiefer will take on the senior B girls team. The junior girls will see Mrs. Gartner back as the A team coach. Junior B teams and Grade 7 teams have not been finalized for coaching yet.

Mr. Parker continues as senior boys coach, and they are happy to be host team for provincials this season. Parker will pull double duty as he is also serving as Junior A boys coach. For the boys division, junior B and Grade 7 teams have not been finalized for coaching assignments.

Michelle Van De Meutter is the cross-country coach. Unity is hosting the Unity Cross-Country Run-on Thursday, Sept. 16th. Mr. Melnyk has added what he hopes becomes an annual tradition, a jr. high cross country run later in September.

Senior golf will have district playoffs on Sept. 14 at Jackfish Lodge golf course. Tryouts are taking place for the boy’s team while the girl’s team was determined by those that signed up. Kyla Snell is coaching this group of athletes.

Welcome week is back at UCHS and it has already included a pep rally before the football game on Sept. 3. The entire school will participate in the Terry Fox run during Warrior time, which is also jersey day and the traditional Grade 12 burger sale at lunch.

In addition to the exciting extracurricular announcements, Mr. Melnyk also makes mention that  Ms. Kyra Huber has joined the UCHS team, teaching in the science department. Ms. Brittany Arsenault will be filling in for Mr. Whyte this year while he teachers online for LSSD Virtual.

Principal, Aaron Melnyk, says, “This year we are happy to resume Gr 7 – 9 French, make a second section of Sr High French, and resume Journalism 20 and Leadership class.”

The School Community Council continues to be open to have parent guests join them and interested people can contact the school office for more details on this role.