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Was it or wasn't it? Wilkie residents left wondering

A social media post had residents wondering if a black bear is inhabiting their regional park

WILKIE - When a photo circulated on social media seemingly affirming that bear droppings had been spotted at the Wilkie Regional Park, the Press-Herald contacted the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

This ministry responded, “The scat pictured in the screenshot is characteristic of several different types of animals with similar diets at this time of year, including coyotes, raccoons and black bears. It is possible that the scat came from a bear, as black bears are found throughout much of Saskatchewan where suitable habitat exists. However, based on what can be seen in the photograph, the scat’s size, and the fact that the ministry has had no recent reports of bear sightings in the Wilkie area, the ministry believes it is most likely from a raccoon.

“That said, many Saskatchewan communities and regional parks are set within landscapes that provide habitat for a suite of wildlife, including black bears. As people enjoy the outdoors, including encounters with wildlife, remember to be respectful, give wildlife their space and be bear aware.”

A common practice for “bear proofing” campsites or property includes placing all garbage in the containers provided and not burning or burying scraps.

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