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What will winter weather part two hold?

Winter weather watchers are hopeful snowfall occurences will override polar vortex repeats

UNITY ‑‑ Varying weather resources may have some similarities, however a long-trusted forecast from an unusual method seems to be a popular, and at times more accurate, weather indicator.

Residents, tired of winter and long cold snaps, are anticipating any news or signs of relief in the winter weather forecast ahead. Outdoor enthusiasts are waiting for snow forecasts, as are farmers in the area. 

The annual pig spleen forecast was released and it may hold some hope for the precipitation possibilities. Other forecasts that have been published include more focus on the cold we are expected to experience as part of a polar vortex weather system.

In an Oct 14 story on, the polar vortex weather phenomenon was promised. The story describes the frigid ripple effects of La Nina will have the prairies expecting a cold winter. The latter part of December and the first 10 days of January proved that forecast as accurate.

According to AccuWeather in this earlier story, we can expect at least three extreme blasts of bitter cold air dropping into the prairies. “This winter will likely end up colder than the winter of 2018-2019 and the coldest winter since 2013-2014 in the region.”

SaskEnergy and SaskPower have reported record use during these recent cold conditions.

Is the cold the only thing we can expect for the remainder of winter 2022? The pig spleen forecast might offer some hope.

This weather prediction method says that the fat on the spleen, when appropriately interpreted, will tell of the temperature and weather expectations for the upcoming year. “Any abnormalities in the spleen, like bumps or scars, signify cold weather or a significant weather event at that time,” says the report posted on Pig Spleen Weather Prognostication Facebook page.

“Based on the fat on this spleen, the 2022 winter and spring will be colder than what we have been used to, and we will have more precipitation than normal.”

The colder part of this statement may have drawn a collective sigh however the "more precipitation than normal" was a welcome reprieve, and all hopes are on that prediction being accurate.

Constant talk of cold gets old, however interest piques when precipitation predictions are in the mix. According to this age-old forecast, we can expect snow in March and early April, with a significant snow or rain event around April 21.

Rain events are predicted to start around May 2 but then a dry spell is forecasted until the end of June.