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Wilkie Elks club prevails through the pandemic

One of the longest running service clubs in Wilkie perserveres through the pandemic, still seeks new members

WILKIE ‑ The Wilkie Elks, an organization incorporated in 1978 and later combined with the Royal Purple to form one club, has been working with determination to continue to serve the community throughout the pandemic according to its current 15 members.

Elk Clarke Jackson says fundraising hasn’t been easy, but with support from the community and district they have managed to raise money for activities the club supports. Pandemic restrictions meant no in-person events could be held. Discussions led to hosting meals on the run. The freshly made meals were pre-ordered, with people in vehicles stopping at the Saskcan Community Centre for pick-up. To draw attention and make it interesting the events had unusual names like Chicken on the Run and Dry Rib Run.

The meals enjoyed enthusiastic support 2021 and in 2022 and another is being planned for the near future.

Other fundraisers were a Grey Cup raffle and backward draw. These events did not involve any contact, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Jackson notes the Elks support local activities including paying for seasonal admission passes for children to the pool, donating $1,500 to the Wilkie Health Foundation for the purchase of the digital X-ray machine, the Wilkie Library, supporting tournaments for minor hockey, advertising on the ice surface boards in the arena and helping people when disaster happens.

The club is also involved with fundraisers through the provincial body of the Elks, including walk-a-thons and the annual provincial Elks lottery, with money raised staying in Saskatchewan to help people in need.

Club members and those who support them are committed to helping the community whenever needed.

If you are interested in joining the Elks, contact Clarke Jackson or Eugene Hartter. The club meets once a month at the Saskcan Community Centre.