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Wilkie Museum starts off new year with fundraising events

Plans for the year are being made and put into action at the Wilkie Museum.
The main building, which is owned by the Town of Wilkie, needs some repairs and upkeep.

WILKIE – The start of a new year for the Wilkie Museum is starting to pick up. The main goal for the museum board is fundraising this year, as upkeep and repairs have been the main focus. Museum president Laura Heilman says attuning the current programming to the interest of the population will create a positive presence in the community.

“A soup and sandwich event has been planned for Valentine’s Day as these are always welcome in the colder months and save cooking one meal in the day,” said Heilman.

With March and April bringing St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, the museum is planning to have something for both kids and kids at heart.

The board has submitted grant forms for student employees, hoping to be approved for at least one student. With lots of cleaning and tidying needing to be done around the facility, there is no shortage of work for a young worker.

Although the main building belongs to the Town of Wilkie, the board is considering getting some work done on the main floor.

“As tenants, we should take some initiative for small upgrades,” says Heilman.

Many locals have been questioning Heilman about the space where the Ramsey building once stood.

“Once the ground settles a bit, our possibilities are vast,” she said.