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Young artist's gift feeds breakfast program

Neilburg student helps his school raise money for the breakfast program, ensuring everyone has something to eat in a day.

NEILBURG — Larry Flicek, a Grade 8 student at Neilburg Composite School, is selling his artwork to help fund his school’s breakfast program.

Larry found a love of art through his mom.

He says he has found inspiration from all corners of his world, including his family, friends, the farm he lives on and nature. As his collection of art grew, he knew he had to do something with it all.

With the help of his mom, Leslie Flicek, Larry is selling some of his collection to help those who use the breakfast program that is run daily by NCS.

“Some kids don’t have breakfast or might need just an extra snack,” says Larry, adding “I too have eaten off of the program.”

The free breakfast program started in the 2020-21 school year, and with 190 students, at least each child has used the free service.

Since the announcement of his collection being sold, he has had a great response from buyers, with others asking for custom art. He is hoping to be able to raise more money for the breakfast program but is unsure of where to donate in the future. He says the Flicek family finds a local program or event to donate to each year.

Larry has such a creative soul, so it is grand that we get to share that with him while giving to a good cause,” his mom says.

“I absolutely love this and wouldn’t expect less from him.” 

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