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Excessive speed equals danger to everyone

Slow down, one of life's enduring lessons: SGI.
speeding car oct. 22
Feeling fast and furious? You’ll get furious, fast, if you catch a speed-related penalty.

REGINA — This month’s SGI Traffic Safety Spotlight is on speed.

In a press release, SGI encourages everyone behind the wheel to make good decisions, like following the speed limit when road conditions are ideal and adjusting your speed as streets start to get slick.

According to SGI, excessive speed is one the leading factors in traffic-related deaths and injuries on Saskatchewan’s roads: In 2021, there were 1,263 collisions in which speed was one of the contributing factors, resulting in 554 injuries and 20 deaths.

“Excessive speed puts everyone on the road in danger; you, other drivers and pedestrians,” said JP Cullen, Chief Operating Officer of SGI Auto Fund. “The faster you travel, the more serious the consequences are when you crash. Positive choices, like slowing down, help keep you, and others safe.”

 Since speeding affects control and reaction time, drivers are more likely to get in a collision at higher speeds.

Tough new penalties came into effect Oct. 1 to deter drivers from stunting and street racing, with tickets for both offences now costing $580 (with escalating fines for street racing), along with four demerits. Street racing already came with a 30-day vehicle impoundment, and the registered owner of the impounded vehicle is required to pay the towing and impoundment costs.

 Police across the province will also be on the lookout for drivers engaging in excessive speeding offences under The Traffic Safety Act:

  • exceeding the limit by more than 35 km/h;
  • exceeding the limit by more than 50 km/h;
  • exceeding the limit in a school zone;
  • exceeding 60 km/h while passing highway workers;
  • exceeding 60 km/h when passing an emergency vehicle or tow truck at roadside with lights flashing;
  • stunting; and
  • street racing.

Along with obeying speed limits, always be sure to drive sober, buckle up, and keep your attention on the road, SIG advises.

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*Including tickets from photo speed enforcement (PSE).



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