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Fruit orchard addition marks National Forest Week

The orchard will be among the estimated 500 trees and shrubs planted in 2021
wascana centre trees
Newly planted fruit trees will expand the diversity of the tree canopy in Wascana Centre.

The Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) will recognize National Forest Week,  Sept. 19 to 25, by adding its first long-term fruit orchard to its inventory of more than 50,000 trees.

Various apple, cherry, pear, honeyberry and plum trees and shrubs are expected to be planted during the week, pending weather, in Wascana Centre along Hillsdale Street in Regina and will help expand the diversity of the tree canopy.

"The plant-life in Wascana Centre is a big part of what makes the park so relaxing and inviting to visitors," Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Don McMorris said.

"The addition of more exotic tree and plant species including fruit trees and shrubs will enrich the ecosystem in the park, attract new species of wildlife and food sources for animals; and provide more educational and exploratory opportunities for patrons of the park."
These 70 various fruit trees will eventually flower and attract more pollinators which benefits the ecosystems of Regina, according to a press release. These trees will be planted along a new public pathway with lighting.

The orchard will be among the estimated 500 trees and shrubs planted in 2021 throughout Wascana Centre and the grounds of Government House, which are part of the PCC.

The orchard will be south of Wascana Centre's 10-hectare tree and shrub nursery that has about 1,500 to 2,000 trees and shrubs at any given time that are transplanted throughout the PCC as required.

The PCC is home to a variety of trees. This includes ash, birch, walnut, cedar, elm, maple, oak, spruce and willow, which are pruned as needed and regularly monitored for pests such harmful insects to keep the tree canopy healthy.

This year's National Forest Week theme is: "Our forests - continually giving."

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