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Limits on long guns a concern for farmers

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association has passed a resolution opposing the new regulations.
Bill C-21 doesn't provide an exemption for .22 calibre rifles when it comes to the number of rounds they can hold. It specifies no more than five. Farm groups are concerned about the rule, should it be acted upon by government.

WESTERN PRODUCER —The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights says farmers should be concerned about the latest proposals to change gun laws.

Tracey Wilson, vice-president of public relations for the organization, said the federal government will be able to make some changes by regulation, or outside the legislative process attached to Bill C-21.

The bill largely moves to control the handgun market and buy back banned assault weapons, but the government announced at the same time it would make good on election promises, such as limiting long gun magazines to five rounds.

That’s one of the measures that falls outside the bill.

“Normally there is an exemption for the 22,” she said, referring to the guns often used to shoot gophers, for example, and previous gun control measures. “They don’t say that.”

Public safety minister Marco Mendocino has said the measures aren’t aimed at farmers, however, farmers are watching. The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association membership at its recent convention passed a resolution opposing the new regulations.

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe described the latest moves as “virtue-signalling” and noted that only law-abiding gun owners will be affected.

Wilson said she posted on Facebook to ask gun owners which makes and models and “beautiful old guns” will be affected by the new regulation because they can’t be limited, and noted that many are common. They included the BL-22, most tube-fed Henry levers, and the Canadian-made tube-fed Cooeys.

Wilson said the government hasn’t actually acted on this yet but gun owners should be vigilant.

“We’re hoping for at least an opportunity for consultation,” she said.



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