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Have you got your $500 affordability cheque yet?

300,000 have already been mailed by the province so far, with 525,581 to go.
All Saskatchewan residents who are 18 years of age or older as of Dec. 31, 2022, who have filed a tax return in Saskatchewan for the 2021 tax year, are to receive the one-time $500 SATC cheques.

REGINA - The $500 Saskatchewan Affordability Tax Credit cheques are being sent out this week by the provincial government, and some numbers have been released on how it is going.

According to the latest numbers released to by the province on Thursday morning, 300,000 cheques have been mailed by the province so far. Another 525,581 are still to be mailed.

The province’s Finance Minister Donna Harpauer had earlier told reporters that the cheques would be sent out during the week of Nov. 14. So far, that is the case, although there have been reports of some cheques heading out early and arriving in mailboxes last week. 

The cheques are being mailed to all Saskatchewan residents over age 18 who have filed tax returns.