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Police Warn of STARS Lottery Scam

Public urged to watch for signs of fraud

The RCMP is hoping to make people aware of what’s being called a scam involving the STARS lottery.

The illegal activity first began making waves back in May, but police have noticed that it is continuing, and that there are many other scams that operate in the same way, including one involving the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

In the scam using the STARS organization, the caller states that you have won a vehicle and cash money through the STARS lottery.  The caller then tells you to go to your local post office and send a money order.  The caller says that this money is to pay for the supposed shipment of the vehicle to the winner’s address.

The scammers may at first appear to be quite professional and knowledgeable, even friendly, but reports state that they can also become very demanding.

The RCMP wants to remind the public that a legitimate lottery or sweepstakes will never make you pay a fee or send money in order to receive your prize.  If you have any doubts, you’re asked to check with your local RCMP detachment prior to sending any money.

For more information and to learn other ways to protect yourself and your money, visit the website of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.