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Regina residents receive Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medals

164 Regina residents were honoured at City Hall with Platinum Jubilee medals presented by Lt. Governor Russ Mirasty.

REGINA - It was a crowded Henry Baker Hall at City Hall in Regina for the awarding of Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals.

There was not just one ceremony, but two on the afternoon of Jan. 30 in the council chamber to acknowledge all of the 164 Regina residents who were being recognized for their contributions and service to the community.

The recipients honoured came from varied backgrounds including agriculture, the arts, health services, protective services, armed forces, the legal field, education and other areas.

They were presented their medals by Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty along with Deputy Mayor Andrew Stevens representing the City of Regina.

The Regina recipients are among 7,000 receiving Platinum Jubilee medals throughout the province. 

Medal presentations began with the presentation of the first 70 medals at Government House last August and have continued throughout the province over the last several months. The recipients for this round in Regina were selected through a nomination process that closed last Nov. 30.

There have been Jubilee medals presented in the past but this Platinum medal was particularly different, as Mirasty noted.

"This is the first time in Canadian history that the royal occasion has been commemorated with provincial medals," Mirasty said, noting the previous Jubilee medals were issued nationally. "This medal program is an excellent way to commemorate Her Majesty's devotion to service… while celebrating the dedicated service of people like you here today. It is only the second Saskatchewan commemorative medal, the first being issued during our Centennial in 2005."

"These medals are a valuable way to acknowledge those who work to enrich our communities, and whose achievements truly inspire us all. I thank each honoree for generously giving up your time and talent, thank you for your service to our community and by extension to our province."

Here is the list of names of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal recipients from Regina who are being honoured this week, as listed on the City of Regina's website: 

Hanifa Zain Adams 

Myke T. Agecoutay 

Mansoor Ahmad 

Mohammad Talha Akbar 

Derek Anaquod

Scott Anderson 

Annette Auger

Arslan Azeem

Capt. Angela Bagamery 

Noela Bamford

Gord Basaraba 

Dwayne Bauer 

Gordon Beck

Lee Beck

Deanna Belhumeur 

Amanda Benesh 

Ada Bennett

Cari Bode

Jennifer Borean 

Wanda Bouchard-Barry 

Sgt. Michael Bourque 

Paul H. Brenneman 

Julius Brown

Roxanne Brown

Dana J. Brule

Michael J Cassano 

Chantal Cattell

Bdr. John Cayari

Jennifer Chouinard 

Megan Clake 

Russell Dale Clarke 

Jeanne A. Clive 

Solomon Cyr 

Richard (Rick) Davis 

James Deane

Muna DeCiman

Ronald George Donison 

Marian Donnelly

Donna Ell

Marc Ell

George R. Fayant

Bruce Andrew Fenske 

Lorie Filazek

Chad Freeland

Maria Galati

Fotini Gargatzidis 

Willadell Garreck 

Shelley Marie Glabus 

Pamela Kendel Goodale 

John Grant

Regan Gunningham 

Jean-Christophe Hamm 

Velma Ann Harasen 

Darlene Harrison 

William Hawkins 

Sabrina Heywood

Dr. Bryan Hillis

Ron Hitchcock

Kevin Holness

Megan Jane

Grace Jasper

Chad Jedlic

Pengbo Jiang

Maureen Johnson 

Janelle Johnston

Sgt. Robb Karaim 

Clayton Keeler

Svitlana Kenyuk

Haris Khan

Anna-Liese "Annie" King 

Lori-Ann King

Tracy Kirychuk

Lisa Koch

Tracey Kostyniuk 

Liubov Krupina 

Patti Kuffner 

Ronald Labrecque 

Lanea Lafontaine 

Pat Lawson

Debbie LeDressay 

Jenna T E Lee 

Michael T Lee 

Tiffany Dawn Lester 

Ryan Lett

Rachel Ling

Dr. Abid Lodhi

Ryan Malley

Joseph Denis 

Kevin Marion 

Terry McAleese

Trevor McDonald 

Bernadette McIntyre

Betty McKenna

Anita Medl

Twyla Mensch

Peter Arthur 

George Menzies 

Anne Millar

Dr. Faizul Mohee

Tara Molson

Tyler Monteith

Megan Moore

Roseann Nasser

Tom Newton

Jolene Norleen

Robert Nowosielski

Adele Obrigewitsch

Brandi Dawn Onyskevitch 

Adam Orridge

Bradyn Parisian

Jason Pasetka

Kristian Peachey

Lisa Petersen

Richard Pockett

Lisa Polk 

Mohammed Quraishi 

Amy Rankin

Kenneth A. Ready 

David Reed 

Sergio Reyna 

Maurice Riou 

Anna Robinson 

John Robinson 

Jody Robson 

Deborah Rush 

Gregory Salmers 

Jody Salway 

Samia Sami

Evie Sawatzky

Michelle Schmalenberg 

Gregory Edward Schwartz 

Lisa-Marie Schwartz

Tara Semple

Moin Serneabat

Terry Shalley

Robyn Shenner

Erin Sifert

Brian Sklar

Sgt. Chris Smigelsky 

Tanya Smith

Wayne Smith

Janet Smook

Moni K Snell

Capt. Jaret B. Sole Sole 

Kimberley Stewart 

Hannah Jean Tait

Dr. Ron Taylor

Jacie Thauberger 

Jonathan Thauberger 

Tommy Thifault

John Thimothy

Jean Elspeth Thomas 

Luanne Truong

Fredrick Wayne Tunison 

Milton Walker

Max Watson

Janis Way

Larry Way

Audrey Webb

Wayne Whitten

Myrna Wiens

Mercedes Will

Edwin Alan Williamson 

Jessica Williamson 

Diana Woolrich

Jada Shane Yee

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