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SUMA offers to help displaced Ukraine arrivals

A flight carrying 230 Ukrainians set to arrive in Regina July 4.
Yorkton Councillor, FCM representative and SUMA President Randy Goulden. (File Photo)

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Urban MunicipalIties Association says it is prepared to help as 230 individuals displaced by war in Ukraine are set to arrive next week. 

“In Saskatchewan, we come together for those in times of need,” said SUMA President Randy Goulden in a statement. “Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, our hometowns have been asking how they can help, and now, as we open our communities to those displaced, we are encouraging our members, and their residents, to ensure that local community groups have the resources they need to assist.”

A humanitarian flight organized by the Government of Saskatchewan, is set to arrive in Regina July 4 from Warsaw. The flight is set to bring 230 displaced Ukrainians, consisting mostly of women, children and the elderly. 

The displaced Ukrainians registered for the flight through Open Arms, the humanitarian organization that is responsible for the flight registration/selection process. Approximately 800 Ukrainians have already arrived in the province through domestic travel.

According to their news release, SUMA is encouraging its municipalities and their residents to ensure organizations, such as local food banks, have the resources they need. 

Municipalities are also being encouraged by SUMA to work with local housing authorities and settlement agencies to make sure those arriving from Ukraine, or other regions of the world, have access to affordable housing and integration supports. SUMA also states those looking to help can also register with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan, which has launched a process for individuals, businesses and organizations.