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Amber alert update: Moore has history of sexual offences against children

RCMP believe subjects of Amber Alert are in South Dakota.
Amber Alert
Tyler Bates of the RCMP speaks to reporters Tuesday on the Amber Alert.

REGINA — Saskatchewan RCMP has provided an update on the Amber Alert issued out of Shaunavon.

The Amber Alert was issued in connection to Luna Potts, 7, and Hunter Potts, 8, who are believed to be with their mother, Leah Potts, 45.

It is also believed they are with Benjamin Martin Moore, 50 years old, who has been charged and convicted previously of sexual interference and child pornography.

Chief Superintendent Tyler Bates, officer in charge of the Saskatchewan RCMP’s South District Management Team, provided a statement with further details of the Amber Alert. Here is the transcript provided by the RCMP of his statement, in full. 


"I’m Chief Superintendent Tyler Bates, officer in charge of the Saskatchewan RCMP’s South District Management Team. Thank you to our media partners for coming today and to those of you watching online.

“I’m going to get right into the details of why we’re here as the safety of two young children is at stake.

“Last night – Monday, August 8 – at approximately 7:20 p.m., the Saskatchewan RCMP issued an Amber Alert asking the public to be on the lookout for seven-year-old Luna Potts and eight-year-old Hunter Potts. We have made their photos available on the SaskAlert website at and on the Saskatchewan RCMP’s website.

“The children are believed to be with their mother, 45-year-old Leah Potts, and her common-law partner, 50-year-old Benjamin Martin Moore of Eastend, Saskatchewan. His image has also been made available.

“We believe that Luna and Hunter are in danger in the presence of Benjamin Moore and we want to locate them as quickly as possible to ensure they are brought to safety.

“While I cannot get into the specifics of the investigation – as it is ongoing and in its early stages – I can confirm that evidence was discovered, when the Shaunavon RCMP were asked to assist the Ministry of Social Services, with an investigation relating to allegations surrounding Benjamin Moore. Before police were able to question him, Benjamin, Leah and the children, had vacated their residence in Eastend. This led the Ministry to seek an apprehension order for the children; which in turn, led to us issuing the Amber Alert.

“Benjamin Moore has a history of sexual offences against children, vulnerable persons and has previously been convicted of sexual interference and possession of child pornography.

“Today, Saskatchewan RCMP investigators charged him with failing to report information to a registration center within seven days after a change of main or secondary residence, as required by the Sex Offender Information Registration Act, contrary to section 490.031 of the Criminal Code of Canada. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Benjamin Martin Moore.

“So far, we have received a number of tips. Our Provincial General Investigation Teams have taken [charge] of this investigation and are following up on all information received. These investigative teams have experience in dealing with these types of incidents and will be supported by our Major Crime Units, should the need arise.

“Following the Amber Alert, one individual reported an incident involving Benjamin Martin Moore to police. It’s possible there are others who have not yet come forward. We are encouraging anyone else who may have been a victim of Benjamin Moore to file a report with police. We take these matters very seriously and want to ensure that survivors feel supported.

“Again, we are asking the public to be on the lookout for 50-year-old Benjamin Martin Moore. He is described as five feet 10 inches tall, 200 lbs, with black hair. Police are aware that Benjamin goes by a number of alternate names, including: Benjamin Moore, Hawk Smith and Ben Scutchings. 

“At this time, we are working to extend the Amber Alert into South Dakota as evidence suggests that’s where the four currently are. They have ties to Saskatchewan and Western Canada, so we want people in these areas to remain alert and report any sightings or information they may have.

“They are likely travelling in a 2015 dark blue Chevy Equinox, Alberta plate CGC 2492.

“If you see Luna, Hunter, or Leah Potts, Benjamin Martin Moore or the Chevy Equinox, or have information regarding their whereabouts, please call 911 immediately or 1-877-SOAMBER (that is, 1-877-762-6237) in Canada. To anyone in the United States, you can report information to 911 or by calling 1-306-780-5563.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank our American law enforcement partners for assisting us with this ongoing investigation.

“We are committed to providing updates as they become available.

“This investigation is the Saskatchewan RCMP’s top priority. We are working diligently to ensure Luna and Hunter Potts, and their mother Leah, are located safe."


Here are some additional details from the Tuesday afternoon press conference at Saskatchewan RCMP headquarters in Regina:

Bates confirmed to reporters the initial visit to the home with Social Services was on Aug. 2 and the home was vacated — there was nobody there at the time.

A period of time elapsed before the Amber Alert was issued on Aug. 8. Bates confirmed  the Ministry of Social Services notified the RCMP they were obtaining an apprehension order with respect to the children and their whereabouts. Bates said immediately on receipt of the apprehension order, they followed through with the process of issuing the Amber Alert.

"We are very concerned about the well-being of those children. We feel that they are in danger. But at the outset of this investigation there was a well-being check that was taking place. We found the residence vacated. And it's only since yesterday evening that the request came from the Ministry of Social Services with respect to the apprehension order. So immediately upon that being obtained, the Amber Alert was sought and obtained."

Regarding the location of the subjects of the Amber Alert, Bates said he could not divulge specifics on the investigation process but said they had reason to believe they were in South Dakota and evidence they were there. He said he could not comment on the investigative process.

"Right now our priority is locating those children and the mother," said Bates. "We're looking at all investigative processes to locate them."

As for steps being taken to let people in South Dakota know to look out for them, Bates said the most serious step they could take for locating children in danger is the Amber Alert. They are looking at the possibility or likelihood of expanding that Amber Alert to other jurisdictions. 

"We do have credible and reliable evidence that they are in South Dakota and we are engaged with our law enforcement partners with respect to the breadth of that Amber Alert and the appropriateness of where it should be and where it should be delivered as far as that's concerned. That's an ongoing discussion as we're making every effort to locate Leah and her two children and Benjamin as well."