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Let's Get Canning: Cucumber Relish

This brand new column will feature many well-known preserve recipes.
A bowl of relish with pickling cucumbers nearby.

SASKATCHEWAN - Many consumers are responding to recent food inflation by preserving their own food, according to a recent Western Producer story featured on SASKTODAY.

We are featuring some preserve recipes, that just might get added to your repertoire.

Cucumber Relish

7 large cucumbers (for 3x recipe: 14 cucumbers)

5 large onions (for 3x recipe: 15 onion)

Peel cucumbers and grind them, add peeled and ground onions, 2 small

handfuls (approx.1/3 cup ) of salt and let stand overnight.  (For 3x recipe use 1 cup salt)

Drain and mix the following:                                                  

(1x recipe)                (3x recipe)

2 ½ cups sugar          7 ½ cup

½ tsp ginger                1 ½ tsp

2 cups vinegar             6 cup

2 cups water               6 cup

½ cup flour                 1 ½ cup

1 tbsp mustard            3 tbsp

1 tbsp turmeric           3 tbsp

Bring to a boil and add to cucumber/onions and boil for 5 minutes.  Fill sterile jars and seal while hot. To make it more of a Hot Dog Relish, add:

½ small head ground cauliflower

1 ½ - 2 cups ground pepper (red, green and yellow)

Single recipe yields approx. 15 250ml jars

Notes: for a greener relish, do not peel the cucumbers after washing, just cut ends off.

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