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Communities in Bloom hands out special recognition awards

Photo of Assiniboia's Central Park wins second in CiB Take a Shot contest

The Competitive Category was unavailable in 2021 as part of SPRA’s Communities in Bloom response to the COVID-19 pandemic, however several communities have been named for special recognition awards.


A Trees and Urban Forestry Award has gone to Eastend for the Campground Tree Planting Project.

Eastend and the local Communities in Bloom Committee have recognized the importance of rejuvenating their town’s urban forest. Through an application to the Trees for Life Program, Eastend received 50 trees for the community. The town’s campground was identified as a key area and a great group of volunteers gathered to plant the trees at the campground. This even included three generations of one family! The community pride was evident in everyone that helped and this project will continue to enhance the urban forest and Eastend for years to come.

Saskatchewan Beach

A Floral Displays Award has gone to Saskatchewan Beach for the Flower Pot Competition.
In their first year as a participant of Communities in Bloom, the Council of Saskatchewan Beach recognized an opportunity to start a floral display competition. After building 42 planters using plastic barrels, there were over 60 requests to be part of the competition. Each pot was numbered and was required to be placed at the end of the resident’s driveway to be enjoyed by passing walkers and motorists. The pots were delivered to participants on May 31, 2021 and judging was done by the community through a paper ballot between August 2 – 14, 2021. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third place pots. The Council was extremely happy with the efforts of everyone involved!

Pilot Butte volunteers

A Volunteer Recognition Award goes to Denise and Scott Einarson of Pilot Butte.
Denise and Scott Einarson are dedicated volunteers in the leadership of the Pilot Butte Beautification Committee. They have provided countless hours and dedication towards the Committee and are model residents in the effort to beautify the community while working together with all residents and town staff in keeping Pilot Butte clean and looking great! Denise and Scott are often seen watering and weeding throughout the town and working proactively with residents and businesses. Their efforts have had an amazing impact and have changed the town’s culture and approach to beautification.

Fort Qu'Appelle

A Community Spirit Award goes to Fort Qu’Appelle for CiB Projects including Tansi the Tortoise and the Four Corners Sculpture Display.
The Fort Qu’Appelle Communities in Bloom Committee is focussed on making their community an inclusive, inviting and beautiful place for everyone! Two notable projects in 2021 included the rejuvenation of Tansi the Tortoise and the creation of multiple ironwork sculptures at the Four Corners in downtown Fort Qu’Appelle. Following the restoration, Tansi now includes four syllabic symbols on his shell meaning love, charity, respect for mankind, and humility as well as an orange handprint honouring Truth and Reconciliation.
The project involved Cree artist Christopher “Day One Lightning” Carlson and was blessed by elders through smudging and prayer. The Four Corners Sculpture Display utilized four large circular brick flower planters that are built into the four corners of a four-way stop intersection in the downtown. Two different artists, Ken Woytiuk and Steven Vanhove, were engaged to construct two metal sculptures each. A sculpture was placed in the centre of each planter and flowers and grasses were planted around the base. Each sculpture was constructed of recycled metals and built on themes meaningful to the community that embraces aspects of both the lakes and the prairies. The Four Corners project has been very well received by the community and has fueled numerous additional projects!


In the Community Appearance Award category, an award has been presented to Turtleford for its Memorial Park.
In 2005, the Turtleford Communities in Bloom Committee decided that they wanted to create a place where people could relax, enjoy nature and remember the history of the community. Established in 2005, Memorial Park has developed into an incredible park space with lighting, pathways, picnic areas, countless trees and shrubs, the community cenotaph, a memorial to past community members, and amazing floral displays.
The park is located at the busy corner of Highway 303 and Railway Avenue and provides an incredibly beautiful scene to all those travelling in the community. The Communities in Bloom Committee continues to be dedicated to the ongoing development and maintenance of Memorial Park. They encourage everyone in the community as well as visitors to enjoy the park and the relaxing atmosphere it provides to all those that visit it.

Candle Lake

Candle Lake has been named for an Environmental Action Award for the development of a comprehensive recycling program.
When Candle Lake Communities in Bloom began in 2007 as a newly formed Committee of the Resort Village of Candle Lake Council, it was recognized that immediate action was needed in the promotion of recycling and environmental action. Efforts by the group drove a cultural shift in the community as recycling and diversion from the local landfill was recognized as a priority. Volunteers facilitated collection of drink containers, paint cans, batteries, propane tanks and glass, and encouraged the Council to provide recycling options for other materials.
Communities in Bloom volunteers continue to manage the recycling of drink containers in the entire region with great success, while the Resort Village administration manages recycling of other materials. Collectively, this program has diverted tons of recyclable waste from the local landfill while also becoming a significant fundraiser for the CiB group and its many projects in the area.


Craik has been named for a Heritage Recognition Award for the Craik Communities in Bloom History Trail.
The Craik Communities in Bloom Committee recognizes the long, illustrious and well-documented history of their community dating back to the late 1890s. As a growing community along the route of the Qu’Appelle, Long Lake Railway Line, the town became a railway hub and service centre. In honour of this period of community growth, Craik’s CiB Committee recently undertook a project which has come to be called the “Craik Communities in Bloom History Trail.”
Craik CiB’s Trail Sub-committee worked with the Craik Community Archives and Oral History Society to complete the necessary research and commissioned a local business to design and produce a series of seven interpretive panels that profile enterprises that once contributed to the growth of the community. The panels have been installed and a simple map of panel locations is available to the public. The project continues as more information about each enterprise will soon be available through QR codes and an auxiliary website. In 2022, the History Trail will also be expanded as a direct result of its popularity in the community!

This story has been updated to correct the placing of the Take a Shot winners.