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Internet safety session raises awareness in Assiniboia

Safe and Healthy Communities continue to support the established injury prevention and safety programs in several communities.
Internet regulation
Barb Compton, chairperson for Safe and Healthy Communities Assiniboia, a registered charity organization, organized an educational session for community members on internet safety.

ASSINIBOIA - Barb Compton, chairperson for Safe and Healthy Communities Assiniboia, a registered charity organization, organized an educational session for community members on internet safety. The organization promotes injury prevention and safety practises and more information on this group can be found at

Compton says they are often challenged with communicating events and programs they host.  A recent valuable informational session outlining the importance of internet safety in families was not as well attended as they had hoped.

“Last May, in collaboration with RCMP we hosted school presentations on internet safety.  Considering the increasing crimes of exploiting children using the internet, we booked a parent and community follow up session with the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit.

ICE is an integrated unit that falls under the Criminal Investigation Division of Regina Police Service. SHC worked with our local RCMP to secure a date to host this presentation. The ICE team covered the following topics:  statistics, how the advancement of technology has changed youth, Apps and online gaming, sextortion, red flags to watch,” added Compton.

Assiniboia Mayor Sharon Schauenberg, who was one of the attendees, said, “This was an event that was hosted by the ICE division of the RCMP in conjunction with our Safe and Healthy Communities volunteer board at Assiniboia 7th Avenue School on March 6.”

“It was a very informative evening and brought much awareness about this topic. Unfortunately, there were very few of us in attendance, so the presentation fell on only a few ears,” said the Mayor.

She added that the value of bringing awareness of this topic is very relevant to not only urban, but rural communities.

Compton’s role as board chair has been since the registered charity was formed in 2020, and she affirms that it is her opportunity to give back to the community she grew up in, as well as where she worked as an educator and superintendent. Safe Communities Assiniboia and area was in place from 2010-2021, and transition to a registered charity, now known as Safety and Healthy Communities in 2020.

“It is a community-driven initiative dedicated to elimination of injuries while promoting a culture of safety at home, work and play, it also includes a focus on physical and mental wellness,” added Compton.

Compton is joined on the board by founding members, Bev Monea, retired accountant; Julie Knox, lawyer; and Kathy Kennedy, Hutch Ambulance.  The coordinator is a paid position and held by Melissa Hansford.  As of the Feb. 28 annual general meeting, Renee Clermont and Geraldine Ruzicka joined the executive team.  To support their variety of safety and injury prevention programs in their communities, the organization also includes a number of members at large.

Funding for the organization is secured through donations, sponsorships and grant applications, as it is a registered charity that can provide a charitable receipt.

In addition to the recent child internet safety session presented in Assiniboia, the organization has offered information sessions on injury prevention, mature refresher driver safety course, along with youth programs such as preventing alcohol related trauma and numerous mental wellness presentations. Child car seat safety programs are offered as well as progressive agriculture safety days, bike safety, poison prevention, concussion education and recognizing addiction awareness week.

Compton notes that the strength of Safe and Healthy Communities lies in their partnerships to continue supporting the established injury prevention and safety programs in a coordinated approach. The group is working with School Community Councils to host an Amazing Safety Quest this fall and consideration to host an Agriculture Safety Day. 

Those interested in a presentation from this valuable organization based out of Assiniboia can email Melissa at, phone Barb at 306-640-9807, or visit their website at