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Act One Productions in Alida delivered the laughs

A Fine Monster you Are was performed for sold-out shows from March 7-10.

ALIDA - Act One Productions from Alida presented A Fine Monster You Are by Monk Ferris, to the delight of large crowds. 

The production was performed for sold-out crowds from March 7-10.

The show welcomed the cast from previous years, Shanna Carriere, who was in her 24th year on stage; Tim Cowan, who was involved for the 25th consecutive year; Wes Smith, who was part of the event for the ninth time, Margaret Peet, who was in her 18th year and has never taken a break from the club, and Donna Fraser, who was in her first year on stage and her seventh with the club. Fraser, who hails from Auburnton, was the only person not from Alida. 

Act One also introduced its three new actresses: Kirsten Tanghe of Alameda, who isn’t a stranger to performing live as she is with the local rock band Moxie Blue; Kate Johnston, who resides in Oxbow and has enjoyed being actively involved in past community theatres; and Crystal Hawker, also of Oxbow.     

A big thank you to the production crew, as without them, the show wouldn’t go on. Cowan, Peet, Carriere, Rachelle Smith, Parry Peet, Jean Ball, Stu McCreary, Darryl Dubuc, Marcia Gervais, Aaron Lemieux, Mallory Hawker and girls, Brittany Dubuc, Edel Cowan, Diane Potapinski, Shelly Cowan, Joey Mailhiot, Gail McLachlin, Mona Oberndorfer-Magotiaux, Adrian Fraser (Smart Rentals and Jax Pub) Estevan & Debbie Fraser.

This years’ play was set in the 1970s in the ancient family mansion of Emily Holbrook (Carriere), who is a sweet, lonely old lady. She decided to put an ad out to find a secretary/companion to help her manage the daily routines throughout the entire estate. Although she has an old housekeeper (Tanghe) that tries to keep control of her somewhat normal situation, lunacy quickly develops as uninvited guests begin to enter the residence.          

Act One thanks the audience for coming out for all their support in making this feel worthwhile, and the group looks forward to seeing everyone again next year.