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Bow Valley Villa needs a new boiler

Built in 1994, the villa has 22 beds with four of them available for anyone who is looking for that extra touch.
Bow Valley Villa is located in Oxbow and is a non-profit organization.

OXBOW - Bow Valley Villa is a 24-hour assisted living care home for seniors in Oxbow.

The villa was once the hospital in Oxbow but now is home to seniors who need extra assistance with housekeeping and medications, but can still do some things on their own.

Built in 1994, the villa has 22 beds with four of them available for anyone who is looking for that extra touch.

The rent and donations for this non-profit home ensure it takes care of itself, but when a big ticket item is needed, they fundraise and ask the public for help.

Mikayla Long is the new manager, replacing Maureen Pehl, who managed the villa for nine years until she retired, and in January Long took over after being the therapeutic recreation co-ordinator at the villa.

Long said that last fall, one of the plumbers who came to check out the boiler said it needed to be replaced.

A new boiler would cost $100,000, and the replacement would ideally need to happen by next winter. This is something that the villa does not have in its back pocket.

The nine-member board of volunteers consists of family members of the residents and people from the community, and they are always searching for ideas on how to raise funds.

They first drafted a letter and sent it to the community businesses, asking for donations, and this was well received. Contributions began to roll in.

This is a huge undertaking, and they are hoping that the community and surrounding areas will help in supporting this cause.

They still have a ways to go, and a fundraiser was put in place.

A new freezer, purchased from Circle M Furniture, which also contributed to the cause, will be filled with beef, pork, chicken, and a turkey. There will be desserts, ice cream and frozen vegetables added, and tickets will only be $10 each to win this item.

On May 11, the villa will hold its Mother’s Day Tea and the draw for the freezer will take place.

The tea will be held at the Friendship Centre in Oxbow from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., and the event will have lots of activities.

A small admission fee will apply and will include a beverage. Sandwiches and soup will be on the menu.

Throughout the afternoon, a craft sale will take place and each crafter is asked to donate one item to the raffle draw. 50/50 tickets will be sold during the event as well.

More fundraisers are planned throughout the year with all the proceeds going towards the purchase of the boiler.

Long said they would love to fill the four beds that remain, as it is a wonderful place to be.

Bow Valley Villa offers activities for the residents and has a beautiful large yard that houses huge trees and colourful flowers.