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Moose Mountain Lodge enjoys surprises at Christmas time

More surprises awaited the residents under the Christmas tree, which was donated by the Bargain Barn in Carlyle.

CARLYLE — This fall, the 42-room Moose Mountain Lodge in Carlyle, which the residents call their home, purchased an Obie projector to provide more games and entertainment for the seniors. The upgrade became possible thanks to the donation by Carlyle Pharmasave.

Through more donations made by Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge and the Royal Canadian Legion Carlyle Branch No. 248, the lodge was also able to purchase a cart for the Obie projector.

With 50 built-in games, the Obie can project games on a table, wall, floor or any flat and smooth surface.

At first, the residents found the device very foreign and high-tech and sat back and watched, although the equipment seemed very interactive. But after watching for several minutes one group took interest in the machine and began to try it out. One evening the machine was turned on by staff, and a resident began to play on their own and another played bingo for over an hour.

While some residents are leery of trying the Obie, most have warmed up to the fun piece that can provide hours of entertainment.

An aquarium has become another entertaining addition lately. A staff member suggested the idea for the possibility of pet therapy, and soon a pet committee was formed.

An online auction was formed to raise money for the project and the results were outstanding.

The large tank and stand were purchased with online auction funds, and Carlyle Merit Ford donated the first fish, filters, heater, gravel and accessories.

According to Arial Du, recreation co-ordinator at the lodge, the residents love to sit by the tank and watch the fish swim around, which they say is very relaxing and calming.

On Dec. 21, the lodge held a Christmas Tea. Due to COVID-19 being so incredibly unpredictable, said Du, they decided to have a smaller event for the residents, which included family if they could attend.

They sang Christmas carols and had Christmas treats with tea and coffee.

More surprises awaited the residents under the Christmas tree, which was donated by the Bargain Barn in Carlyle. For this Christmas, they all received new pillows, hygiene products and sweet treats, some specially made for diabetics.