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As I See It

Over the years, I have managed to collect within my brain a number of quotes and quotables I have picked up here and there. I am a firm believer in both the educational value, as well as the economy of a good quote.

In the family wait

By the time you read this, it is my younger daughter's profound wish that I will be a grandfather yet again. If not, she is considering having an eviction notice drawn up for the baby she is carrying.

Carlyle Community School - CES

The month of October has flown by with many programs, events, and fun activities at C.E.S. We are looking forward to the Jail and Bail fundraiser taking place this Friday October 29th.

Hockey already?

Just a heads up, hockey is starting, no it's true, some kids have just finished up hockey school this month, the meetings are done the dates are set, the teams are finalized, and some games have been played! The kids are ready, you see them out in th

Puck n' Funny keeps Stoughton in stitches

The screams of laughter could be heard blocks away in Stoughton as the community was visited for a second time by Puck n' Funny. A fundraiser held to help support Stoughton's community swimming pool, the night began at 6 p.m.

Out and About: A safe injection site in Saskatchewan?

Life as an addict is an all-too-serious reality for thousands of people. And unless someone actually battles addiction themselves or watches as a friend or family member does, it's difficult for people to understand.

Gordon F. Kells High School Cougar Corner

Attention parentsare you looking for a Christmas idea for your son or daughter? Well, we may have something that interests you. Mr. Johnson and Mr.

Moving forward too fast

Don't know about you but my head's still spinning with the news of the last few weeks' events. It began as I, and the world, watched with awe at the miraculous rescue of thirty-three miners from their underground cave in Chile.
Carlyle Public Library hosts visiting children's author

Carlyle Public Library hosts visiting children's author

For Marny Duncan Cary, it was a story told to her by her father that lit her imagination for her latest book, 'Who's that Man?' The author and singer, who has a body of both written work and music behind her, was in Carlyle recently to share her stor
Warriors of Wellness
- Healing through the hands and feet

Warriors of Wellness - Healing through the hands and feet

Dorothy Desautels has learned a lot about natural health over the years. She's seen it at work first hand and it is what led her to become a reflexologist.