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Estevan Kinettes deliver the local support to TeleMiracle

REGINA - Five members of the Estevan Kinettes were in Regina this past weekend helping miracles happen. TeleMiracle – Saskatchewan's Charity – wrapped up its 48th edition Sunday. As of 5 p.m.

REGINA - Five members of the Estevan Kinettes were in Regina this past weekend helping miracles happen.

TeleMiracle – Saskatchewan's Charity – wrapped up its 48th edition Sunday.

As of 5 p.m., the final numbers on the video tote board showed a total of $6,112,717 raised. With this year's result, the total raised by TeleMiracle since 1977 is now over $165.1 million.

"TeleMiracle remains rooted in Saskatchewan and the generosity of Saskatchewan people really shined through once again this weekend," said TeleMiracle 48 chairman Tyler Hall. "These donations are going to help so many people across the province."

With the support from the community, the Estevan Kinette Club was proud to add $18,000 to TeleMiracle 48's total.

Delivering the cheque to Regina and also volunteering alongside hundreds of others were this year's TeleMiracle club rep Krissy Wallman, as well as Kinettes Susan Colbow, Janelle Luddington, Chelsey Istace and Jacinda Drew.

For Wallman, it was the second TeleMiracle she partook in, but her family have been involved with the event for years.

Wallman said the 48th edition was even more special, due to several reasons.

"The experience this year was just amazing. I loved every minute of it," Wallman said. "I was able to work with my daughter, she is 14, so she was able to volunteer. So, we got to work together at a certain time in the afternoon on Sunday. And the ladies that came, we were able to present our cheque, and we were pretty proud of it."

There was also a bequest in honour of Wallman's late father, who supported and at one point was supported by the TeleMiracle Foundation, which made it even more special for her.

"My dad passed away in 2021, and he was a very avid supporter. Every year we'd gather around the TV and made sure we had TeleMiracle on. And it was no surprise that he left TeleMiracle some money in his will. I wasn't sure how much it was, my mom kept it a surprise for a bit. And it was an honour to be able to give his final wish to TeleMiracle," an emotional Wallman shared.

"It was a memorable year for us. I was able to go up on stage with my mom and my daughter, my sister wasn't able to make it, and we were able to present that. It was hard when they were asking me questions about it, but it was a great tribute to him."

Someone approached Wallman after the announcement to say how special their story and their donation were. 

Her mother Joan Wallman also contributed to the Estevan Kinettes' fundraising success and has yet to pay the price.

"Last year, I was Kinette president, and my mom and I made a friendly bet: if my mom and the Town of Nokomis could raise at least $11,000, I would get pied in the face. I ended up getting pied. So this year, my mom made a challenge to me and the Estevan Kinette Club. She said, 'Well, if you guys can raise $11,000, I will dye my hair a crazy colour, whether it's pink, blue, green, I don't know.''

The challenge was accepted, and since the goal was surpassed with an online auction alone bringing in over $11,000, the price is to be paid after Joan is done volunteering at the 2024 Montana's Brier men's curling nationals in March.

"Whatever colour it is going to be, it's going to be weird because I've never seen my mom do something like this," Wallman said with a laugh.

Joan also delivered a cheque for $13,800 raised by the Town of Nokomis for TeleMiracle this year.

Wallman noted that the success of this year's Estevan Kinettes' fundraising efforts was possible thanks to the community.

"So many great people donated to us. We had the coin boxes out. And Fired-up Grill ended up giving an additional donation.

"We had our table February 2 at the Bruins' game, and that went awesome. … We raised $760.25 that day.

"For the movie day that the Royal LePage Dream Realty sponsored on February 19, we had about 176 people come to watch Butterfly Tale … and that event brought in $444.25.

"Spruce Ridge School, their staff and student volunteers put on a lunch auction … and they raised $1,620.

"And the Faris family, seven-year-old Jackson and four-year-old Olivia, along with their grandma Linda, set up a one-day lemonade stand and bake sale in Estevan and raised $565.85," Wallman said, listing their major fundraising supporters and initiatives.

"It was amazing to see how the community came together, whether it was for auction donations, or coming out to one of our events or giving personal donations. It was a really great year and I loved being the TeleMiracle club rep this year because I'm very passionate about TeleMiracle," Wallman concluded.

One of the many highlights of this year's show were the 75 talented Saskatchewan performers, with a number of talents from the southeast. The artists also raised money for the telethon – which was once again matched by Nutrien, who presented their donation of $100,000 just before the end of the broadcast.

All TeleMiracle proceeds stay in Saskatchewan and are granted through the Kinsmen Foundation for specialized medical and mobility equipment, assistance with medical travel, and new and innovative health-care equipment. The foundation typically receives over 1,000 applications for assistance annually.

Donors who made phone pledges during the telethon can honour them by mailing their donation to TeleMiracle at Box 83000, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 9S1.

Planning begins shortly for TeleMiracle 49, to take place March 1-2, 2025, in Saskatoon. Details leading up to next year's show will be posted at