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Photos: Colour, beauty and excitement flood the stage at ERDC's biggest-ever dance recitals

The season and the recitals were busier this year due to increased participation and engagement.

ESTEVAN — The Estevan Recreational Dance Club wrapped up its eighth season with two successful sold-out recitals on Saturday.

The biggest season yet left everyone tired, happy and excited for more recreational dancing.

Studio director Brooke Wilson said the weekend was amazing.

"The recitals were so amazing. The kids, you could tell that they were enjoying themselves so much. They were so proud of everything they had learned this year. They were excited to show their family and friends and all their loved ones how hard they worked and what they had learned. It was just amazing to see everybody so excited to be back on that stage," Wilson said.

The season and the recitals were busier this year due to increased participation and engagement, Wilson said.

"It was a really big recital," Wilson said. "We went to 280 students this year; we had quite a few more routines in the show as well. We had around 240-250 kids last year. This year, we retained more of those students, and a lot of them branched out and did more dances. So, a lot of the dances were more full; they had more students in them, which was great to see."

The colourful recital that took the stage at the Estevan Comprehensive School consisted of 43 routines mainly involving big groups of dancers, with just several solos, duets and trios. The recital culminated with the 2024 finale with dozens of participants involved.

Wilson noted that the end results were driven by students' desire to register for multiple classes and dances. Guests could enjoy hip-hop and ballet, jazz and contemporary, as well as tap, musical theatre and creative movement.

A lot of students who've been with the club for quite a few years now have grown and mastered their skills, which translated into a stronger program.

"Many of my students, especially those that I've had for four to five to six years – and there are a few that have been around since our first and second season – those kids after years of dancing and years of training, are starting to come into their own as dancers, and they're getting a lot more confident in their own abilities," Wilson said.

"It is amazing to watch them on stage, and for me as their teacher to see how much they've learned and how much they've grown not just as dancers, but as young people as well and as leaders and role models in the studio. They were taking it very seriously. And they had an absolute blast."

Wilson also had more help with some older students taking over classes.

"Students that I've been training through the years, they've gotten old enough and to the point in their training, where I decided to give them a few classes of their own to teach and they were fantastic this year," Wilson said.

One difference for this year was the lighting during the recitals. Wilson and one of the instructors Emmalee Ursu programmed the ECS' new lighting board to allow for various effects for each performance.

"All of the dances had their own lighting effects that matched the style and the theme of their routine, which I believe added a lot to the performance, and the kids were very excited about the cool lights," Wilson said.

She also thanked everyone involved.

"Shout out to all of the instructors and assistants who worked so hard all year. You can tell how much they love sharing their own passion for dance with the kids that they are now role models for. I'm very proud of each and every one of them.

"Another shout out to all of the volunteers who helped us out backstage keeping the show running smoothly.

"And a big thank you to all of the parents for getting us through that recital day, getting their kids, keeping them fed, getting them ready for their dances on time, and being their number 1 supporters.

"And a huge congratulations to all of the dancers on a successful recital weekend. They worked so hard, and they earned that day. They were just amazing."

The studio will now take a bit of a break and will start planning for the next season soon. Wilson noted she'd like to have a few pop-up camps and some gigs during summer, including the fair and rodeo opening parade. Details are yet to be announced.